More True Lies and More Arnold, but Not Together


Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jamie Lee Curtis starred in the 1994 movie “True Lies.”
Photo: 20th Century Fox


Nearly three decades after Arnold Schwarzenegger saved America and Jamie Lee Curtis in True Lies, the box office smash is being turned into a TV series.

Like actors who play James Bond have changed through the years, there are new faces in the True Lies CBS show.

At the same time, former Palisadian Schwarzenegger is announcing his upcoming Netflix series in the same action comedy genre.

 Arnold Schwarzenegger as Luke Brunner in the first episode of FUBAR.
Photo: Christos Kalohoridis/Netflix

“Everywhere I go, people ask me when I’m going to do another big action comedy like True Lies. Well, here it is. FUBAR will kick your ass and make you laugh — and not just for two hours. You get a whole season.”

Schwarzenegger plays a CIA operative in FUBAR who is about to retire when he jumps back into action.

In the 1994 True Lies movie, Schwarzenegger and Palisadian Jamie Lee Curtis played a seemingly ordinary, but loving couple, Harry and Helen Tasker. She was a legal secretary and he told her he was in computer sales.

Spoiler Alert if you haven’t gotten around to seeing the film in the last 29 years: Schwarzenegger’s character, Harry, really was a spy for an American counter-terrorism agency. And during those many alleged out-of-town computers sales trips he’s actually tracking down and defeating bad guys.

Stunts are a big part of both the True Lies movie and new TV series.

In a Facebook post just a few months ago, Curtis said since she won’t be writing a book, she would instead explain on Facebook a crazy helicopter stunt from the movie that takes place on and above Seven Mile Bridge in the Florida Keys.

“We were doing the sequence where Helen is in the runaway limousine and Harry is flying above her in the helicopter. Obviously I did a bunch of it on the road, but so did my stunt double, Donna Keegan. The stunt itself, of course, was one of the most spectacular ever done and Donna deserves all of that credit.”

But Curtis said they needed a shot of her, not the stunt double, “being pulled out of the limousine over the burning wreckage. In order to get the shot we had to wire me to the helicopter … and then fly for 20 minutes over the water to get to … where the wreckage took place.

Jamie Lee Curtis dangles from a helicopter in a stunt from “True Lies.”
Photo: 20th Century Fox

“In the photograph is Joel Kramer who doubled Arnold … and that’s (producer, writer, director) James Cameron hanging out of the passenger seat with the camera.

“The only requirement I had for the sequence was that somebody have wire cutters in the helicopter in case they had to ditch over water so that I could be separated from it.”

Curtis said she had an amazing view. “I saw manatees and it was late afternoon and it was a glorious ride on a wire all thanks to James Cameron and Arnold Schwarzenegger.”

Ginger Gonzaga, who plays Helen in the new TV series, has never seen that stunt or the True Lies movie at all.

Gonzaga said she “committed to not watching it, because I know Jamie has an iconic performance. The last thing I want to do is an impression of Jamie Lee Curtis. I love her so much. I have so much respect for her. I didn’t want to absorb any of it.”

The new True Lies TV series begins Wednesday, March 1 on CBS. And Arnold Schwarzenegger’s new series, FUBAR, premieres Thursday, May 25 on Netflix.

“True Lies” the CBS television series with Steve Howey and Ginger Gonzaga premieres on March 1.
Photo: CBS



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2 Responses to More True Lies and More Arnold, but Not Together

  1. Dana Dalton says:

    Circling The News should write about the biggest lie that has been perpetrated against the citizens of this world. Dept of Energy and now the FBI BOTH confirm The Covid virus was man-made and leaked from the Chinese lab in Wuhan.
    Not to report on this is disingenuous and is not serving the citizens of Pacific Palisades.
    This is going to get very bad
    Millions were murdered.
    Mao murdered millions for the “state”. Xi is no different except that he took it global.

  2. Alisa says:

    Loved this movie and that scene pictured above has always stayed with me. Only JLC could look like that in mid air. I also loved the opening scene where AS is walking the tiniest pooch. Talk about passive physical comedy.
    I’m sure the new series will be good enough, but for me these classic moments have a place in movie history.

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