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PCH Task Force Addresses Potrero Canyon Park, RV Parking and Street Racing

The Pacific Coast Highway Task Force held its quarterly meeting Wednesday on Zoom, with State Senators Ben Allen and Henry Stern and Assemblyman Richard Bloom in attendance. “It is important to cut across jurisdictional issues on PCH regarding accidents, evacuation … Continue reading

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Recreation and Park Commissioners Approve Use of Small Gym for Voting in Pacific Palisades

  At the Board of Recreation and Park Commissioners meeting on October 15, the board approved the use of 34 Department of Recreation and Parks Facilities to host voting centers for the upcoming election. Among those approved: the small gym … Continue reading

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Cindy Simon and Tracey Price Beautify while Recycling at YMCA Pumpkin Patch

When you visit the YMCA Pumpkin Patch in Temescal Canyon, seek out Winding Way, which is located near the hillside at Simon Meadow, just north of Sunset. Four years ago, Tracey Price, co- owner of American Growers, a local landscaping … Continue reading

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Constituents Say Councilmember Krekorian ‘Lied’ to Recreation and Park Commissioners 

At the Board of Recreation and Park Commissioners meeting on August 6, two projects were brought forward that involved housing the homeless on City park property inside pallet structures (some 8′ by 8′ and others 10′ by 10′). The first … Continue reading

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Bonin, Bloom and Card Tour Potrero Canyon Park, Still More Than a Year from Completion 

California State Assemblyman Richard Bloom joined Councilman Mike Bonin and Pacific Palisades Community Council Chair David Card for a tour of Potrero Canyon Park last week. The 46-acre park, which will have riparian habitat and a hiking trail from the … Continue reading

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Palisades PRIDE Promotes the Town’s Charm and Takes on Various Beautification Efforts

How do residents take care of rusting garbage cans and failing bus benches in commercial areas of Pacific Palisades? That is an easy fix, just call the City and they will be happy to replace them because your tax dollars … Continue reading

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Proposed Retaining Wall for Eldercare Facility Called the “Great Highlands Wall”

During the last weeks of June, the Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety okayed the building, grading and excavation, shoring and wall permits for the controversial Palisades Highlands eldercare facility. On June 25, the wall, which was originally listed … Continue reading

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Years in the Works, There’s a New Hydration Station/Water Fountain at Will Rogers State Park

A brotherhood of local runners is responsible for the hydration station/water fountain that was installed by the restrooms at Will Rogers State Park in early March. The saga of how it took 18 years for this water station  to become … Continue reading

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General Manager Shull Updates Use of City Recreation Centers for Homeless

L.A. Recreation and Parks General Manager Mike Shull provided an update about the city’s use of recreation centers to house the homeless during the Covid-19 crisis. He spoke during a public-accessible Virtual meeting held by the Rec and Park Board … Continue reading

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City Approves $5.2 Million Cost Overruns by Engineering Firm Grading Potrero Canyon Park 

The engineering firm OHL USA, Inc. has been approved for up to $5,275,366 in cost overruns as it completes the final grading in Potrero Canyon Park. This is 39 percent of the original contract amount: $13,526, 579. The five-member L.A. Board of … Continue reading

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