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Homeless Encampments Scare Away Kids and Seniors at the Westchester Recreation Center 

  This photo was taken in 2019 at the Senior Center located between the swimming pool and the library at Westchester Park. The room was filled with seniors. On July 19, Circling the News walked around the senior center, which was … Continue reading

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Mar Vista Residents Oppose Using Public Parks for Homeless

Parks Need to Be Returned to Children and Seniors (Editor’s note: In May, Councilman Mike Bonin proposed turning two well-used City parks, Westchester and Mar Vista, two beach parking lots, Will Rogers and Dockweiler, into sites to house homeless people. … Continue reading

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Letter: Dried Branches Taken Care of in Temescal Gateway Park

(Editor’s note: In the July 14 Circling the News musing, NERVOUS ABOUT THE STACKED WOOD, we wrote: “Near the entrance to Temescal Gateway Park at Sunset, someone has stacked lots of dead branches in a tree, piling it up like … Continue reading

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Veterans Gardens/Bocce Courts Are Close to Gaining City Approval

  At the Recreation and Parks Board of Commissioners meeting on Zoom today (July 15), the Veterans Gardens and bocce courts project at the Palisades Recreation Center moved closer to approval by the City. The 61-page board report noted that in … Continue reading

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State Will Fund Potrero/PCH Pedestrian Bridge, Offering Pedestrian Access to the Beach 

State Senator Ben Allen confirmed at the July 8 Community Council meeting that the state will budget $11 million to build a pedestrian bridge over PCH that connects Will Rogers State Beach with the George Wolfberg Park at Potrero Canyon. … Continue reading

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Homeless “Residents” Prevent Neighborhood Kids from Playing at Westchester Recreation Center 

Across Los Angeles, children have suffered most during the pandemic shutdowns. First public schools were closed and then some neighborhood parks became unusable because of City policies. Westchester residents, who share Councilman Mike Bonin with Pacific Palisades, reached out to … Continue reading

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Polo Matches (and Movies) Return to Will Rogers

A resident told CTN last week, “I just got back from my evening visit to Will Rogers State Park,” where she noticed horses, trailers and staff in the lower parking lot. She learned that weekend polo has resumed on the only polo … Continue reading

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VIEWPOINT: Councilman Mike Bonin’s Homeless Housing Plan Denies Children Opportunities

Councilman Mike Bonin, in his effort to aid the homeless including the mentally ill and those with substance abuse problems, is overlooking L.A.’s most vulnerable: the children. Will Rogers State Beach, particularly the area that Bonin has suggested being turned … Continue reading

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Questions Go Unanswered, But RAP Approves Tiny Homes for Homeless in Eagle Rock

Recreation and Park Board Commissioner Joe Halper, a Pacific Palisades resident, asked two important questions at the RAP meeting held virtually on June 17. During the meeting, the five-member board considered and then approved putting tiny homes for the homeless … Continue reading

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Glen Alla Park Is Renamed Bill Rosendahl Del Rey Park

Glen Alla Park, located off the 90 expressway near Culver Boulevard, has been renamed the Bill Rosendahl Del Rey Park. The park, which had been named geographically because it is bordered by Glencoe Avenue and Alla Road, received full support … Continue reading

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