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Good Habits to Prevent Aging Prematurely

By NANCY BROWN (Editor’s note: Nancy Brown, writes for a monthly newsletter for the Hot Springs Country Senior Center in Wyoming. Brown is a retired nurse practitioner, who started her career in the neonatal ward, and then trained in dermatology.) … Continue reading

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Patrick Wall Spoke on the Sexual Assault of Minors

Patrick Wall, who has spent 30 years investigating, researching and publishing reports of the clerical sexual assaults of minors, spoke to the Palisades Optimist Club on September 6. Initially trained in philosophy, theology and Canon Law, he was a monk … Continue reading

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Starting Yoga at 50 Makes Sense

BY ALISON BURMEISTER Raise your hand if you ever experience joint pain, back aches, and overall body stiffness. Raise your other hand if you ever notice difficulty sleeping at night, inexplainable weight gain and/or surprising skin issues. Now take both … Continue reading

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Stop Feeling: Look at the Numbers

Saturday Night Live had a reoccurring sketch for years with Jane Curtin putting forth a reasonable and levelheaded argument and then Dan Akroyd, instead of debating, would simply say, “Jane, you ignorant slut.” It was funny on a comedy show … Continue reading

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New Pot Shop Discussed at Brentwood Community Council

Cookies, a new pot shop in the 13000 block of San Vicente Boulevard, which was supposed to open Saturday, September 10, had its first reported crime. The Brentwood Community Council listened to Brentwood Senior Lead Officer Matthew Kirk’s report at … Continue reading

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Pacific Palisades Task Force on Homeless Needs Volunteers

PPTFH is essentially an all-volunteer organization. If you are interested in becoming involved, wish to make a difference, and have a heart for the PPTFH mission, please apply by email (and include your phone number) to Kim Clary at The following help is … Continue reading

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Pot Dispensary to Open on San Vicente near Revere Middle School

Cookies, a marijuana pot dispensary, is slated to open in Brentwood on Saturday, September 10, at 13030 San Vicente (at 26th and San Vicente). Store hours are listed as from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. Paul Revere Middle School, with … Continue reading

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Please Help My Friend

There is a young man, Anakin, who appears to be homeless that needs help. Ethan, who is a friend to Anakin,  posted on Nextdoor on Saturday night: “This is my best friend Anakin. He is a Palisades local and grew … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday to Me??

BY PEPPER EDMISTON   This week I reached an unthinkable age. Baby Boomers were raised not to trust anyone over thirty, an age so old it was beyond our comprehension. How can I count on someone with twice those years, … Continue reading

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City Council Will Vote to Adopt Covid Emergency August 26

If a resident thinks they misread the headline about the Covid Pandemic Emergency, they have not. On August 26, 2022, councilmembers will once again vote to keep the City in a State of Emergency because of Covid 19. They have … Continue reading

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