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After a Stroke, Dana Rivera Had to Relearn to Walk; She Now Leads Recovery Groups

It was scary. Parents were huddled together at a baseball field in Santa Monica in June 2009, worried about Dana Rivera, who was in the hospital following a stroke. Her son Nicky was playing, but no one was sure about … Continue reading

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Expert Advice: How to Spot a Stroke

How can you tell if someone is having a stroke? The American Heart Association and the American Stroke Association tell people to remember F.A.S.T. F is for when the face starts to droop. Is one side of the face numb? … Continue reading

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Colonoscopies Resume, As Do Other Out-Patient Procedures

As a “joke” for a Valentine’s Day present, I made an appointment for my husband and me to have joint colonoscopies. It had been five years since our last procedure with Dr. William Katkov, who also happens to be a … Continue reading

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Reader Cites Studies Supporting the Importance of Face Masks, Especially Indoors and in Crowds

I love my readers. All of you are so smart and always ready to supply me with new information. Regarding wearing face masks, a reader has forwarded three interesting articles: one is an opinion piece and two are studies. The … Continue reading

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VIEWPOINT: Covid-19 Update, Mayor Eric Garcetti and the Homeless and Mask Shaming

L.A. COUNTY COVID-19 UPDATE On May 15, NBC reported that “More Than Half of All Coronvirus Deaths in L.A. County Are Mostly at Nursing Homes.” Then on May 18, the county announced that of the 1,839 total deaths in L.A. County, 955 … Continue reading

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A Little Library Is Vandalized in SM Canyon, But There’s A Happy Ending

Several Santa Monica Canyon residents heard a woman ranting and shouting last night (May 16). They called 311, but there was no response from the City. This morning, when Judi Jensen went to check on the little library at Rustic … Continue reading

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Circling the News Accused of Yellow Journalism

In my May 13 musings (“Just the Facts: California Covid-19 Death Breakdown”), I cited the following statistics for California deaths from Covid-19, utilizing the website ( on Monday, May 11: Ages 0-17, no deaths. Ages 18-34, there were 26 deaths (although it’s … Continue reading

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Palisadian Is Desperate to Get Her Mother and Assisted Living Employees Tested for Covid-19

One Pacific Palisades resident is living a nightmare and unable to help her elderly mom. Sharon Piehl described the situation in a May 13 email to Circling the News: “My mother is in an assisted living facility [in L.A. County] and … Continue reading

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Healthier Air for $20 a Month? The Case for Eliminating the Use of Leaf Blowers by Our Gardeners

Do you enjoy breathing particulate matter that has fertilizer, metals, gasoline, animal feces and pesticides?  If you asked, “What kind of question is that?” and responded, “Of course I don’t,” then it’s time to ask another question: Do you have … Continue reading

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Pacific Palisades Residents Sharply Divided about Wearing Masks 

In social media posts by Pacific Palisades residents, the most common source of negative comments and general disagreement has been regarding the wearing of masks. For example, some people in town wear a mask only to cover their mouth, while others … Continue reading

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