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Smaller Pumps Installed in Temescal Rainwater Holding Tank

The construction, to ensure that the stormwater runoff in Temescal Canyon was cleaned – and reused – rather than rushing into the ocean, started in 2012. Now, 10 years later issues are being resolved to use that water to irrigate … Continue reading

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VIEWPOINT: What Goes on Behind Closed Doors Needs to be Aired

Westchester residents have been fighting to get the park back for children and seniors. In a misguided attempt to help, L.A. City officials allowed the homeless to live in tents around the periphery of the park. Then later, those same … Continue reading

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Darling versus Park on the Community Council Agenda

If a resident is still trying to decide how the two CD 11 candidates, Traci Park and Erin Darling, stand on issues, they will appear via Zoom on the Pacific Palisades Community Council from 6 to 6:45 p.m. on Thursday, … Continue reading

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Towering Eucalyptus Is Finally Trimmed at Sunset and Los Leones

Castellammare resident Kelly Comras, a veteran landscape architect, has long been concerned about the giant eucalyptus on Sunset by Fire Station 23, just north of PCH. “Over the last decade, the tree had become a serious hazard,” Comras told Circling the … Continue reading

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Dome Traps the Heat: California Is Baking

From San Diego to Sacramento, California is under an excessive heat warning that could extend into next week.  The National Weather Service calls it “dangerously hot conditions.” The manager of the state’s power grid, called for a Flex alert on … Continue reading

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Artificial Grass, Astroturf, Presents Hidden Dangers

  BY REECE PASCOE When the Palisades High School Football team played El Camino Real High on August 19, CTN learned that all of ECR games would have to be played away because of trouble with the school’s Astroturf. According … Continue reading

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Illegal Dumping on Environmentally Sensitive YMCA Land

A gardener or landscaper has illegally dumped four truckloads of plant material on an environmentally sensitive habitat area (ESHA), just north of Simon Meadow on land owned by the Palisades-Malibu YMCA. The person(s) knocked over a pole, taking down a … Continue reading

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Support the Ballona Wetlands: Write a Letter

If a resident would like to help save the environmentally-sensitive Ballona Wetlands from garbage and needles, your signature is sought. Residents can help save the El Segundo Blue Butterfly and the Belding’s Savannah Sparrow, which are endangered species living in … Continue reading

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History of Nuclear and how It Produces Carbon-free Energy

(Editor’s note: This is the second of two stories about nuclear energy. The first “Nuclear Energy Provides Reliable, Clean Energy” appeared on July 21.)   BY REECE PASCOE It started with Marie Curie in 1902 with the discovery of radioactive … Continue reading

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Nuclear Energy Provides Reliable, Clean Energy

  BY REECE PASCOE Less demonization of nuclear power and more understanding of the process should lead to nuclear energy having a seat at the table to meet our ever-growing energy needs. News sources promote solar and wind, but why … Continue reading

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