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Current Asks “Why Are Homeless Housing Units Vacant?”

(Editor’s note: Westside Current printed the first of a three part series that documented of the number of buildings purchased to house homeless, 45 percent remain vacant.  Part 2 asks why apartments purchased exclusively for the homeless remains vacant.) By … Continue reading

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Donations Sought to Restore Historic Adobe Wall

This winter’s rains led to the collapse of an 18-ft. section of the adobe wall that was built around the historic Marquez family cemetery on San Lorenzo Street in 1926. Sharon Kilbride, a member of the Marquez family, said the … Continue reading

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Former City Attorney Feuer Obstructed Justice

There’s an old saying “the chickens come home to roost” meaning the consequences of doing wrong always catches up with the wrong doer. Finally, former L.A. City Attorney Mike Feuer, who ran unsuccessfully for Mayor (2022) and U.S. Congress (2024), … Continue reading

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More than 1,200 City-Owned Homeless Housing Units Remain Vacant Two Years after $800 Million Buying Spree

By CHRIS LEGRAS, JAMIE PAIGE (Editor’s Note: This story, which ran today, May 14, in the Westside Current is printed by permission.) Many vacancies are in luxury buildings for which the City paid premium prices. It’s an odd location for … Continue reading

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The Homeless Keep Growing on the Streets Because of Building Mismanagement

“Unlike private developers, the builders of these government-funded projects actually make more money the more they spend, because their ‘developer fees’ are calculated as a percentage of the cost of building the project.”          Westside Current CTN … Continue reading

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Political Vendor Sets up on Via de la Paz

A street vendor, with politically-themed T-shirts, hats and other memorabilia is selling on the sidewalk on Via de la Paz. There have been several residents upset about not only selling on the sidewalk, but also his merchandize that includes T-shirts … Continue reading

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Safe Parking: The Emperor’s New Clothes

Hans Christian Anderson wrote a folk tale about an emperor who is obsessed with fancy new clothes, and spent lavishly on them at the expense of the state. Two con men, posing as weavers, offer to supply the emperor with … Continue reading

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Caltrans Updates the Tramonto Slide and Reopening a Lane of PCH  

One northbound lane of PCH was closed in mid-February by Caltrans. Caltrans in a May 7 statement said the right-bound lane was closed for safety because of a slide that occurred in mid-February and worsened by a second series of … Continue reading

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The Hypocrisy of Homeless Advocates Is Deadly

By TIM CAMPBELL Most of my columns focus on the numbers and costs of homelessness policy. I believe if you present facts and figures in their proper context, most reasonable people will draw the appropriate conclusions. But we must remember there … Continue reading

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Caltrans Says Tramonto Slide Repairs Must Start at Top

Caltrans Public Information Officer Marc Bishoff in an April 30 statement regarding the Tramonto slide said that Caltrans cannot fix the northbound lane of Pacific Coast Highway until Los Angeles takes care of the origin of the slide, which is … Continue reading

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