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Vehicle Parking in Los Angeles Is Selectively Enforced, Allowing Overnight RV Parking

  During Covid, there were numerous RVs that permanently established themselves in Los Angeles City parks, even though “No Overnight Parking” signs were posted (LAMC 63.44). The lack of enforcement is especially hazardous for residents who want to use local … Continue reading

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Brentwood Beat: Why I Signed the Recall Bonin Petition

(Editor’s note: The following viewpoint is reprinted by permission from Jeff Hall.) By JEFF HALL Founding Publisher Brentwood News As stated in the last issue of the Brentwood News, my thoughts on what’s going on in CD11 represent my personal opinions, … Continue reading

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The Mike Bonin Recall Petition Process Is Legal

  Circling the News is not advocating for or against a recall. This news blog has some of the smartest readers in Los Angeles, who we feel are able to make up their own minds about this political action. But … Continue reading

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Bonin Casts Dissenting Vote on Approving $2 Million to Post Signs for Anti-Camping Enforcement

 (Editor’s note: This story, published on November 2 in the Westside Current, is reprinted with permission.) The Los Angeles City Council today [Tuesday] approved spending $2 million from its homeless services fund for the printing and installation of signage to enforce a … Continue reading

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Councilman Bonin Delays Forcing Action at Ballona Wetlands;  Asks for Feasibility Study

Millions of birds fly along a 7,500-mile migratory route between northern Alaska and the southern tip of South America. Wetlands, including the freshwater Ballona Ecological Reserve in Playa Vista, provide vital resting points. Ballona is in an unique location between salt and … Continue reading

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Readers Write Regarding Councilman Mike Bonin

  Circling the News has received several notes from readers regarding the recall petition drive against Councilman Mike Bonin and other actions taken or not taken by the Councilman: RECALL IS A SHAM: One reader wrote: “I would love to … Continue reading

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Villanueva Visits Westchester Park, Bonin Pushes Back On Twitter

(Editor’s note: Circling the News received the following letter from a Westchester resident, which was sent to the the Recreation and Parks Commissioners and RAP General Manager Michael Shull on October 22: “I drove by the park yesterday and saw … Continue reading

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Councilman Mike Bonin Said Judge David Carter Knew the Plan

At the annual Democratic Garden Party, held September 19 via Zoom, Councilman Mike Bonin was one of several City and State officials who was featured. Bonin was asked about his plan to house homeless on beaches and in public parks, … Continue reading

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Westchester Park Is Again under Siege as Transients Keep Setting Up Tents 

  A Westchester resident wrote Circling the News on August 31, “Just when we thought we could breathe a sigh of relief, we were pulled in again.” According to the resident, a Tuff Shed (small storage structure) was delivered to … Continue reading

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Sidewalks Are Public Walkways

A young man gathering signatures for the “Recall Bonin” petition was accosted by Caruso security on the sidewalk along Sunset, near Erewhon, on August 24. Two readers contacted Circling the News and said that “Caruso’s employees are claiming that the sidewalk … Continue reading

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