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LAHSA Housed Three People: the Cost Was  $1.37 Million Per Person

(Editor’s note: This story first appeared on CityWatch on April 11, under the headline “What Does The City’s New Homeless Program Performance Website Tell Us.” Its author Tim Campbell wrote CTN that there was too much data for one story … Continue reading

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Los Angeles: A Troubling Trio of Animal Neglect, Food Safety Mishaps and Homelessness Woes

BY TIM CAMPBELL Recently, three seemingly unrelated stories have made the news: neglect and abuse of animals in City-run shelters, the lack of consistent restaurant health inspections by the County, and serious questions about LAHSA’s management. If you’re having a … Continue reading

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Viewpoint: Housing Doesn’t Cure Homelessness: Mental Health Help Might

The drain in your house is plugged and backing up water. You call a plumber, who comes and says it is a clog. Probably your fault, maybe you put onion skins down the garbage disposal. The plumber runs the rooter … Continue reading

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AUDIT! AUDIT! Everyone Wants an Audit of Homeless Programs

(Editor’s note: This story first appeared in CityWatch on March 14 and is reprinted with permission click here.) By TIM CAMPBELL Over the past few weeks, we’ve read a lot about various reports, studies, and pending audits of homelessness programs … Continue reading

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LAHSA Plays “Who’s on First” with CTN

The Los Angeles Homeless Service Authority played a Costello and Abbott bit, Who’s on First, with this editor. CTN initially sent emails to LAHSA on January 23, asking why Pacific Palisades was not supposed to count Will Rogers Historic Beach … Continue reading

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Wheels Are Coming Off the City-County-LAHSA “Love Bus”

By TIM CAMPBELL Recently, we’ve seen several developing stories concerning homelessness programs in LA County.  The County Board of Supervisors ordered audits of the purchase and implementation of the software used for the PIT count, and of LAHSA’s financial operations.  … Continue reading

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Beach Detail Locates Entrenched Encampment

Concerned residents off an El Medio trail saw an unhoused man frequently going down private road and entering private property thru a fenced area, and reported it to SLO Brian Espin. He asked the LAPD Beach Detail to check on … Continue reading

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Krekorian Challenges LAist Report on LAHSA Findings, Cites Misleading Data

LAist’s Nick Gerda reported that the City was hiding a LAHSA report about the ineffectiveness of 41.18 (“Encampment Analysis”). It appears Gerda is unclear about the code, and does not question LAHSA’s (Los Angeles Housing Service Authority) explanation of the … Continue reading

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LAHSA Did Not Count the Beaches

Days before the point-in-time count at the end of January, Pacific Palisades volunteers here were told by the Los Angeles Homeless Service Authority (LAHSA) NOT to count Will Rogers State Beach or PCH. We were told that Recs and Parks would … Continue reading

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Homeless Not Counted on Local Beaches: LAHSA Orders

Westside Current Editor Jamie Paige wrote on February 14 (“Too Little, Too Late? Supervisors Launch Audit on Flawed Homeless Count App Despite Known Flaws”) that the L.A. County Board of Supervisors initiated an audit on homeless count software. There were … Continue reading

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