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DWP Bills Seem Too High? What the Heck Is Going On? A Promised Meeting Should Help. 

Many residents in Pacific Palisades believe their recent Department of Water and Power bills are excessive and some of them have vented their anger on the social media forum Nextdoor Palisades. A few have reached out to the DWP, and … Continue reading

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November 2019: Proposed Elder Care Facility and Acme 5 Nursery

  Question: When did City Officials know that the proposed Highlands Eldercare facility was too large by code? Emails obtained by Circling the News reveal that City officials know the proposed elder care facility in the Highlands was too large per … Continue reading

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Homeless Encampment Found in Very High Fire Severity Zone

  On January 6, two new homeless camps were found in the Via Las Olas Bluffs by the LAPD Beach Patrol, which works with the Pacific Palisades Task Force on Homelessness. The campers vacated the area and the campsites were … Continue reading

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October 2019: Caruso Cut Through City Bureacracy; Rec Center Parking Lot Paving

Question: How does a smart developer bypass the zoning code? Howard Robinson, who works as a land-use consultant spoke to the local Rotary Club and explained: “When Caruso acquired those properties, he proposed a new section be inserted into the … Continue reading

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Marcia Vogler Tackles Brush Clearance, Will Succeed with Community Help

A January 5 L.A. Times story (“In 2019, We Saw How Wildfires Can Be Prevented: Power Shut-offs Seemed to Avert Fire Ignitions, But There’s More the State Can Do”) noted that of the state’s 20 most destructive wildfires, all were … Continue reading

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September 2019: Palisades Fire Arson Investigation: Potrero Canyon Needs Additional $4.6 Million

Question: How many fires were reported in the Highlands this fall? A brush fire was reported west of Calle De Palermo on the western edge of the Highlands around 2:16 p.m. on September 13. According to the Los Angeles Fire Department, … Continue reading

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AUGUST 2019: Jack in the Box Development and Rec Park Sewage

Question: How many years has Movie in the Park been around? I know it’s free to spectators, but who pays for it? This is the 16th year of free movies that are shown every Saturday night in August at the Palisades Recreation … Continue reading

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JULY 2019: Street Closures on Swarthmore and Fourth of July

Question: Did Caruso have a permit to close Swarthmore on June 22? After receiving numerous complaints from residents, CTN reached out to L.A. Street Services Public Information Officer Elena Stern and asked if a permit had been issued, and if … Continue reading

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JUNE 2019: What Is Happing With Gladstones?

Question: What is happening with Gladstone’s? Former Mayor Richard Riordan, who has been running the operation at Gladstone’s, chose not to bid on the concession that is operated by L.A. County. Bids were submitted between April and September 2017. The … Continue reading

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APRIL 2019: Burning Questions Asked and Answered

Question: When will Pacific Palisades finally get a dog park? Palisadians have long sought an off-leash dog park in the community. The stumbling block has been two-fold: location and funding. In the first positive development in years, it was announced at … Continue reading

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