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Deep Concentration Needed to put Cloths on Tables

The Palisades Park Director Jasmine Dowlatshahi threw out Circling the New’s reporter, a high school student, and veteran photographer Rich Schmitt from an egg hunt at the rec center on March 31. This editor cancelled a meeting and ran over … Continue reading

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LA County Policies Put Arrestees Right Back on the Street   

  (Editor’s note: This letter ran in the Santa Monica Outlook click here  and is reprinted click here with permission.)   Dear Editor, While SMPD’s February arrests of four felony burglary suspects at the Santa Monica “Real Real” retail store was … Continue reading

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LETTER-Saving Marilyn Monroe’s Home, Nice, But How About Saving Temescal

Traci Park showed up in Council in a blonde wig asking The Los Angeles City Council to pass a motion on September 8 to save Marilyn Monroe’s former home from demolition by beginning the process of declaring it a historic … Continue reading

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LETTER: Try Early Morning Coffee and Pastries at Flour

  Do you know what Jerry Lewis, Walter Matthau, Ted Knight, Chevy Case, Bob Saget, Martin Short, Anthony Hopkins and Steve Guttenberg all have in common? They were all honorary mayors of Pacific Palisades. I’ll never forget something Mayor Steve … Continue reading

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On Your Mind – Readers Write

REGARDING DOGS AT THE FARMERS MARKET: Circling the News joked on February 27, that the latest dog park was the Palisades Farmers Market, because so many dogs are with their owners on Sunday. A reader sent a copy of the … Continue reading

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Letters: Potrero Opening on December 10

(Editor’s note: Unlike a small-town newspaper, that publishes once a week and goes to a limited number of homes, Circling the News is on the internet and has wide readership. This editor made a decision when the website` was first … Continue reading

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Letters: Mystery Solved, But Permanent Resolution Needed

  “Furniture Illegally Placed” was the headline for a musing that read: “A table, chairs, mailbox and a memorial sign were placed in the restricted entry area of the upper Via Olas bluffs on the Lombard trail going down the … Continue reading

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Letter: Dangers of Fentanyl

The presentation on the prevalence and current and present dangers of fentanyl at the Pacific Palisades American Legion Post this evening was absolutely eye-opening and bone chilling. A true Halloween’s event. As always, I want to raise the alert level to the danger posed to the … Continue reading

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Letters Regarding the Tipu Trees Proposed for the Park

  The Tipu Provides a Good Choice Wow, Sue! What happened to reporting all sides of the story? I sent you the UFEI/Select Tree information (considered to be the Gold Standard of arboreal information by most arborists for Southern California) … Continue reading

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Letter: Student Loan Forgiveness: Check Your Privilege

Editor’s note: CTN received the following letter in response to this editor’s tongue-in-cheek remark that if President Joe Biden were forgiving student loans, that this editor would like a $5,000 refund for the loan she paid off.) The reader wrote: … Continue reading

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