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On Your Mind – Readers Write

REGARDING DOGS AT THE FARMERS MARKET: Circling the News joked on February 27, that the latest dog park was the Palisades Farmers Market, because so many dogs are with their owners on Sunday. A reader sent a copy of the … Continue reading

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Letters: Potrero Opening on December 10

(Editor’s note: Unlike a small-town newspaper, that publishes once a week and goes to a limited number of homes, Circling the News is on the internet and has wide readership. This editor made a decision when the website` was first … Continue reading

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Letters: Mystery Solved, But Permanent Resolution Needed

  “Furniture Illegally Placed” was the headline for a musing that read: “A table, chairs, mailbox and a memorial sign were placed in the restricted entry area of the upper Via Olas bluffs on the Lombard trail going down the … Continue reading

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Letter: Dangers of Fentanyl

The presentation on the prevalence and current and present dangers of fentanyl at the Pacific Palisades American Legion Post this evening was absolutely eye-opening and bone chilling. A true Halloween’s event. As always, I want to raise the alert level to the danger posed to the … Continue reading

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Letters Regarding the Tipu Trees Proposed for the Park

  The Tipu Provides a Good Choice Wow, Sue! What happened to reporting all sides of the story? I sent you the UFEI/Select Tree information (considered to be the Gold Standard of arboreal information by most arborists for Southern California) … Continue reading

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Letter: Student Loan Forgiveness: Check Your Privilege

Editor’s note: CTN received the following letter in response to this editor’s tongue-in-cheek remark that if President Joe Biden were forgiving student loans, that this editor would like a $5,000 refund for the loan she paid off.) The reader wrote: … Continue reading

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