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Sunset Boulevard Smash Burgers Tasty and Highly Recommended

By CHAZ PLAGER There are several states where residents tend to complain about the lack of good food. California, however, is not one of them. From ramen to kebabs to hamburgers, there are plenty of restaurants across the state with … Continue reading

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Los Angeles: A Troubling Trio of Animal Neglect, Food Safety Mishaps and Homelessness Woes

BY TIM CAMPBELL Recently, three seemingly unrelated stories have made the news: neglect and abuse of animals in City-run shelters, the lack of consistent restaurant health inspections by the County, and serious questions about LAHSA’s management. If you’re having a … Continue reading

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Love Coffee and Breakfast at Estate/Flour

  On reader wrote: This is a shameless plug for my favorite local coffee shop that is NOT a Starbucks! Many of us morning people were saddened when the cafe became a pizza place and stopped making breakfast items (although … Continue reading

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Finally, French Cruisine Available in the Palisades

Anytime a new restaurant opens in Pacific Palisades,  it always seems to serve Italian cuisine. Good news, quality French food will be available at Palisades Village. Marissa and Matt Hermer have announced that a Belle Vie residency will occur at The … Continue reading

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Restaurant Club Enjoys Local Offerings

Like to eat? Join the International Dinner Club, whose members went to Armav, the local Armenian + Mediterranean restaurant in August. The Club was formed last year by four locals, Wendy Anderson, Jean Sharp, photographer Rich Schmitt and wife Courtney. … Continue reading

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The Town’s Only Chinese Restaurant Closed a Year Ago

Cathay Palisades, the Chinese restaurant on Antioch, closed one year ago, on June 26. That business space remains empty, along with numerous other store fronts in the historic Business Block building along Antioch and Sunset. Starbucks, at the corner of Sunset … Continue reading

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Viewpoint: Do Not Support Unlicensed Eateries

Several people have asked why this editor does not like the illegal food vendor that sets up on the sidewalk in front of Ralphs. Start with illegal. What part of illegal do people not understand? All other restaurants in town … Continue reading

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ROCA’s Pizza Will Open , March 6, Monday

After having lunch in the village today, writers Bill Bruns and Kenny Turan were walking on Swarthmore when they noticed activity in ROCA Pizza. “Let’s see when they’re going to start serving pizza,” Turan said. Several pizzas had just come … Continue reading

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“High School Musical, Jr.” Filled with Joyous Fun

How can a resident keep a smile on their face and be happy for almost 24 hours? Easy. Go to Theatre Palisades Youth Production of High School Musical, Jr. CTN previewed the show on Wednesday and is still smiling a … Continue reading

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Infamous Sunspot Became a Sore Spot and then Was Demolished

Carl’s Sea Air Café, built in 1938 was designed by Burton Alexander Schutt and A. Quincy Jones. It was a one-stop oasis for food, gas and a motel room at the base of Potrero Canyon. Located across from lifeguard headquarters … Continue reading

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