Time for a Community Spring Cleaning on Saturday

Sharon Kilbride cleans up the the trash behind the wall that runs along PCH. Residents are invited to find an area of the community and clean it on Saturday.

A community-wide cleanup is being held this Saturday, March 4, from 9 a.m. to noon. Those participating can pick up gloves and trash bags at the Village Green, 15280 Sunset Boulevard, and then find an area of Pacific Palisades that needs some attention.

Organizer Robin Weitz said, “there are zones so people can volunteer on the areas that they’d like to see clean including hiking trails, the Village, Temescal Canyon Boulevard, Via and El Medio bluffs, Palisades Drive, the beach from Chautauqua to Coastline, and the public areas, that include the Palisades Recreation Center, the park and the Palisades Library.”

Weitz, who organized the first cleanup in 2021, said “This is a follow up. The Palisades should be a clean and inviting place for visitors and residents.”

She praised the volunteers from that first community effort because shopping carts were returned to the grocery stores, and the neighborhood looked “shiny.”

“A cleanup encourages people to respect our environment and helps it maintain its charm,” Weitz said. “The job to keep our neighborhood clean is too big for one person but when we all work together much is accomplished.

“It is a joy to work with the Pali High Ambassadors, the YMCA and the Village Green,” she said. “There is lots of enthusiasm, because we love our community.”

“Fingers crossed it’s a big turnout,” Weitz said, and noted that community service credit is available to students that volunteer.

After all of the rain the Palisades has had over the past week, Saturday is supposed to be partly sunny. It will be a great time for all Palisades residents to “pitch-in.”

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