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One CTN Reader Takes Action Regarding Parking Meter Ticketing in Front of Local Restaurants

On March 17, Circling the News posted the following story in the Musings section: PICKING UP TAKEOUT, HIT WITH A PARKING TICKET: From CTN Adviser Bill Bruns: “Monday night [March 16] at about 7:30, I was walking through an almost … Continue reading

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PCH Task Force Meeting: Caltrans Official Addresses Four Projects Affecting Pacific Palisades

What’s the most dangerous move a driver can make on Pacific Coast Highway? At the Wednesday quarterly PCH Task Force meeting in Malibu, an L.A. County Sheriff and a California Highway Patrol representative agreed that it’s “a U-turn on Pacific … Continue reading

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Helping the Mentally Ill Homeless Is a Money Game

Why does society allow people who are obviously mentally ill to live on the streets? These people forage for food, lack adequate sanitation resources and sleep on sidewalks. They often talk to themselves and shout at voices that rack their … Continue reading

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Quimby Funds Remain Elusive, Frustrating Palisadians Who Want to Build a Dog Park Here 

When Pacific Palisades residents requested Quimby Funds to help pay for a dog park environmental review, so that they could start fundraising, they were told not yet. Right now, it appears that Quimby money may be like monopoly money—not available to be used in … Continue reading

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Chautauqua at PCH Needs Fixing; Well-Placed Signs Would Help

Circling the News has received a copy of a letter that was sent in March to Councilman Mike Bonin, asking for help with the intersection of West Channel Road, Chautauqua and Pacific Coast Highway. Bonin has never responded to the … Continue reading

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Promised Parking Meter Money Still Not Available 

Early this week, CTN asked Councilman Mike Bonin’s office for an update about when Pacific Palisades will receive parking meter money via the City’s proposed pilot program. In February, the City announced that this town would be one of three … Continue reading

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Fire Aftermath: Photo Ops and Talking Are Pleasant, But “Talk is Cheap” and We Don’t Need a Task Force

Viewpoint: The Palisades Fire (October 21), which resulted in 625 homes being evacuated, closed Palisades Drive to two-way traffic for days. A week later, the Getty Fire resulted in mandatory evacuation or evacuation warnings for a majority of Pacific Palisades … Continue reading

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Rec Center Parking Lot Is Tied to Potrero Park, But the City Will Only Repave Part of the Lot

The long-needed resurfacing of the Palisades Recreation Center parking lot was once again discussed at the Park Advisory Board meeting on October 16, in the small gym at the Rec Center. Brian Shea, the 5/10K Will Rogers Run director, has … Continue reading

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Bonin Discusses City’s Strategy at Meeting Of Palisades Task Force on Homelessness

(Editor’s note: Of the 168 homeless in Pacific Palisades (2016-2019), the Pacific Palisades Task Force on Homelessness has helped 102 people off the streets with 72 moved to permanent housing. Councilman Mike Bonin addressed homeless problems  in the City. In … Continue reading

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Permits Needed to Chop Down Parkway Trees, But

Owner on Via Bluffs Removes Four Without a Permit Residents who live near Via de las Olas and Mount Holyoke and those who often visit the little  bluff park to admire the sunset were outraged when the homeowner at 15539 … Continue reading

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