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Obsessed Provide Unique Gems, Stones and Jewelry

By ALISON BURMEISTER If you are in the mood for some “eye candy” visit Amy Russo and Michelle Good’s jewelry store, Obsessed, located on Sunset, near Wells Fargo and next to Naturella Beauty Center. In addition to the unique jewelry, there is a jar … Continue reading

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Theatre Palisades Award Show Provides a Delightful Romp

If a resident is ever invited to the Theatre Palisades awards show, promptly cancel all other plans, and say “Yes.” It starts with a happy hour – and everyone is happy that live theater is back. After wine, drinks and … Continue reading

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Kayndaves Restaurant Is Sold, After 30 Years in the Palisades

Dave and Jintana Licht are selling their popular restaurant, Kayndaves, which has been a fixture on Sunset since July 22, 1992. “We’re turning over our space to a good local operator who will continue offering Mexican food,” Dave told Circling … Continue reading

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Councilmembers Receive Discretionary Funding: Can Spend for Special Projects

Each councilmember receives a pot of money that he/she can use for special projects in his/her district, and at his/her discretion. The money comes from oil pipeline franchise fees, real property trust funds revenues and street furniture revenues. A fourth … Continue reading

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Still a Few Slots Open for AYSO Soccer Fall Season

Your child already has a job – school has started or is about to start – they don’t need added stress from competitive sports. One way to help them socialize, get exercise and just generally have fun is to play … Continue reading

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Dog Days of August Are Perfect for a Great Read

    EISENSTOCK’S SELECTS: Writer Alan Eisenstock, who has done a weekly themed playlist for the past two years, is on vacation and was asked what was on his reading list this summer. Great Circle by Maggie Shipstead, is a New … Continue reading

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2022 Summer Youth Writing Contest Underway

The Friends of the Palisades Library organization has launched its annual summer creative writing contest, which is now available for students who attend school (private or public) in Los Angeles. Youth and teens from first grade through high school are … Continue reading

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I Love LA – Mostly

(Editor’s note: A reader sent this column by Chris Erskine that can be found on his blog Erskine is a nationally known humor columnist and editor who retired from the Los Angeles Times in 2020 after 30 years. His … Continue reading

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Illegal Dumping on Environmentally Sensitive YMCA Land

A gardener or landscaper has illegally dumped four truckloads of plant material on an environmentally sensitive habitat area (ESHA), just north of Simon Meadow on land owned by the Palisades-Malibu YMCA. The person(s) knocked over a pole, taking down a … Continue reading

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Navajo Code Talkers Remembered on August 14

  By REECE PASCOE Former U.S. President Ronald Reagan designated August 14, as National Navajo Code Talkers Day. In his 1982 declaration, Reagan said this is, “a day dedicated to all members of the Navajo Nation and to all Navajo … Continue reading

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