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Novelist Larry McMurtry Dies at Age 84

(Editor’s note: Larry Jeff McMurtry (June 3, 1936 – March 25, 2021) was an American novelist, essayist, bookseller and screenwriter whose work was predominantly set in either the Old West or Texas. Movies adapted from McMurtry’s works earned 34 Oscar … Continue reading

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VIEWPOINT: Living Life to the Fullest

Emily Dickenson wrote in a poem: “Because I Could Not Stop for Death, “He kindly stopped for me— “The Carriage held but just Ourselves and Immortality.” Somehow, we have forgotten that the end game of life is always death. Or … Continue reading

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Viewpoint: Myths Presented in Economic Research

(Editor’s note: A reader sent the following article that was printed on December 30 in the Economic Institute for Economic Research “The Year in Which Comforting Myths Were Ravaged,” and asked for my comments. I’m sharing the piece, because I … Continue reading

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Thoughts from C.S. Lewis About the Bomb

(Editor’s note: A reader tipped me off about this C.S. Lewis essay. I found it interesting.) “On Living in an Atomic Age” by C.S. Lewis in a 1948 Essay “In one way we think a great deal too much of … Continue reading

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Opinion: Venting about the Lack of Common Sense

The County has closed outdoor dining at restaurants and Mayor Eric Garcetti said he would give restaurant workers a one-time payment of $800. Of course, this means that workers have to go on the SERVE website (starting December 7), fill … Continue reading

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Daily News Humor Columnist Speculates: Garcetti to Biden’s Cabinet? Who Will Newsom Nominate? 

One of the funniest pieces I’ve read on an editorial page lately is a November 15 piece by Doug McIntyre (“Garcetti, Newsom Look for a Lifeboat”) in the L.A. Daily News. McIntyre writes: “In the ‘Battle of the Century,’ Stan … Continue reading

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VIEWPOINT: Photo of a Dead Deer on Temescal Canyon Road Provokes Reader Response

Like all of us, I hate to see our wildlife killed. People who speed down local roads, such as Temescal Canyon and Palisades Drive, especially during twilight and nighttime, run the risk of hitting something, such as a deer. I … Continue reading

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A Revered Literary Lion Still Roars in Texas

By BOB VICKREY The list of Texans that have spent their writing lives chronicling their roots is rather long and impressive, and includes names like Dobie, Webb and Graves. For many years, J. Frank Dobie was considered the preeminent voice … Continue reading

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VIEWPOINT: Parents and Politicians Need to Take Care of Teens

Medical students must take the Hippocratic Oath and one of the promises is “First, do no harm.” On Saturday, Circling the News received an email from a reader: “Aid car called to picnic area below parking lot in rec area … Continue reading

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Early Morning Earthquake; Musings Questioned

4.2 Earthquake Hits Southland, Wakes Some The LAFD posted the following alert from spokesperson Nicholas Prange: “#EarthquakeMode; INC#0192; 4:45AM; Following the M4.5 #earthquake activity in the greater Los Angeles area (#SanFernando) at 4:29 AM, LAFD is, according to protocol, in … Continue reading

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