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A Son’s Long Journey to Heal Wartime Memories

By BOB VICKREY– (Editor’s note: Bob Vickrey shared a story with Circling the News that was originally published in 2012 for the Houston Chronicle. “This is a story about my boyhood friend Geren Graham, who traveled 5,700 miles from Houston … Continue reading

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Searching for an Escape from the Housebound Life

By BOB VICKREY I find it comforting that the lockdown order is no longer referred to as “shelter in place,” and is now simply designated as “stay at home.” Staying at home sounds so much more civil and less foreboding … Continue reading

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Who Are All These Masked Strangers That Keep Greeting Me?

 BY BOB VICKREY Special to Circling the News As I walked through the village toward Erewhon Market last week, several appropriately masked townspeople greeted me by name, but I’m quite sure that based on my feeble response, I fooled absolutely … Continue reading

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Circling the News Accused of Yellow Journalism

In my May 13 musings (“Just the Facts: California Covid-19 Death Breakdown”), I cited the following statistics for California deaths from Covid-19, utilizing the website ( on Monday, May 11: Ages 0-17, no deaths. Ages 18-34, there were 26 deaths (although it’s … Continue reading

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This Bookselling Caper Stirs Echoes of Philip Marlowe

BY BOB VICKREY During my long career in book publishing, I was often accused by sales managers of enhancing my weekly marketing reports with excessive details. One manager, in particular, took a gentle shot in my direction at a company … Continue reading

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VIEWPOINT: Pastor Kenneth Davis Says This Is a Time for Rest–and Redirection 

A man had been driving all night across the country and by morning was still far from his destination. So he decided to stop at the next city he came to, park somewhere quiet so he could get an hour … Continue reading

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Living Through Our Own “Groundhog Day” Sequel

By BOB VICKREY Special to Circling the News  We have suddenly found ourselves caught in a time-loop and are now unwittingly living the same day over-and-over again, just like poor Bill Murray did in the movie “Groundhog Day.” While practicing … Continue reading

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Viewpoint–Mother and Daughter Exchange Optimistic Emails about the Coronavirus and Their Daily Lives

(Editor’s note. Circling the News received some sage advice about coping with the coronavirus shutdown from Palisadian Laura Revness and her 25-year-old daughter Chloe.) Chloe, a computer engineer, had sent the following email to her friends and her mom: “Right … Continue reading

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VIEWPOINT: Let’s Redefine What Is “Essential”

“Step it up and shut it down,” said L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti in a coronavirus press conference yesterday (Tuesday). “Or we will shut it down.” He was speaking about the nonessential businesses in Los Angeles. Governor Gavin Newsom also chimed in, … Continue reading

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“Social Isolation/Safer at Home” Activity Suggestions during This Covid-19 Crisis:

If you were not among the people gallivanting on the beach this past weekend or pushing by people on the Temescal Canyon trail to reach the waterfall, I believe you have been diligently working on a “Safer at Home” to-do … Continue reading

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