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Viewpoint: Here’s Who’s Funding The Los Angeles Elections and Why You Should Care

(Editor’s note: This article first appeared in the Westside Current on October 31 and is reprinted with permission.) BY: MICHAEL JENSEN Over the last few weeks, my mailbox has been inundated with campaign mailers for our local elections. My routine … Continue reading

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Who Came Up with the Retirement Slogan “Golden Years?”

BY BOB VICKREY As I took my morning walk recently, I looked up to see a friend coming my way. He flashed a big grin as he approached with a welcoming greeting, “I would know that walk anywhere.” I knew … Continue reading

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Viewpoint—Lawyers, Traci Park and Erin Darling, Are Needed to Represent All – Including Criminals

When this editor first started refereeing AYSO, one of the people she worked with was a criminal defense attorney. She was surprised at one of his notorious clients, who seemed particularly “disgusting.” This editor asked, “How could you take that … Continue reading

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The Beauty of Women Celebrated in South Dakota

  At the Missouri River in South Dakota, where Lewis and Clark once camped on their journey across the Louisiana Purchase in 1803, stands Dignity. This 50-foot-high stainless-steel statue by South Dakota artist laureate Dale Claude Lamphere depicts a Native … Continue reading

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VICKREY – Celebrating 50 Years in the Business of Words

After beginning my working life as a journalist, I took a mere four-decade detour in the book publishing business and have now come full circle in my meandering career by becoming a columnist for several Southwestern newspapers. When my college … Continue reading

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Government Needs to Refund $5,000

When President Joe Biden said that people who owe on college loans can get relief, my mom, 92, called and asked if I was going to get $5,000 back. Maybe I should ask for a refund. I had graduated from … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday to Me??

BY PEPPER EDMISTON   This week I reached an unthinkable age. Baby Boomers were raised not to trust anyone over thirty, an age so old it was beyond our comprehension. How can I count on someone with twice those years, … Continue reading

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In Praise of a Bighearted Friend

BY BOB VICKREY My next-door neighbor Scott is simply a force of nature. He uses his relentless and tireless energy by helping people who are in trouble. I’m only a spectator who sits back in amazement as I observe his … Continue reading

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FACT OR B.S. #5 – Poor People Need to Steal

(Editor’s note: One of my son’s favorite television shows growing up was “Mythbusters.” Each episode focused on popular beliefs, Internet rumors or other myths. The cast would examine each myth and then either confirm or debunk it. Circling the News … Continue reading

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I Love LA – Mostly

(Editor’s note: A reader sent this column by Chris Erskine that can be found on his blog Erskine is a nationally known humor columnist and editor who retired from the Los Angeles Times in 2020 after 30 years. His … Continue reading

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