Editor Threatened: Few Days Later Called a Racist


This editor received the following text message from a 310-765-7413 number on April 21:

“Hey Sue . . .Active & sesh ready!!!

“Sleep with one eye open (and then my address was listed).

“Revenge is a dish best served COLD!!!”

I know that some of the kids in town had received threats from local miscreants and were scared to file police reports because they were told they would receive worse punishment.

This editor sent the text message and the phone number to the West L.A. Commanding Officer and to local Senior Lead Officer Brian Espin, a report was filed. Espin ran the number and found it came from a burner phone.

I alerted my neighbors and told them if they saw a pack of kids, or anyone else that seemed out of place, to instantly call 911.

The only way to rid yourself of a cancer is to identify it, talk about it and then treat it.

Acts hidden in darkness only fester and grow worse with time, crowding out good people and good deeds.

A reader sent a story about a place in Arizona and said she felt it had several similarities to the Palisades click here.



A food vendor, without a license, has set up on the sidewalk in front of the library, limiting access.

This editor is tired of individuals calling people racists if they disagree with them. I now have been called a racist, again, because I feel people should follow the law: that applies to all people and all laws. As I told my children, now adults, if you don’t like a rule, change it, but until then, follow it.

This was a comment I received today about the illegal food vendor in front of the library. It has not been edited:  “You white people think you own the side walks and everything in the palisades you entitled pricks. 95% of you folks are racist judging people on how they make a living, im so glad i was able to help that vendor by the library withnpaper work when they are being victims of harrassment or how to obtain their permit. Im so glad LAPL has this information on their website next time i see a white person selling lemonade or having a bbq i will make sure to ask if they have a permit you never know what kind of yellow juice they be selling. Btw Sue Pascoe why dont you report real news instead of gossip. Here’s a story for you write about that lady that get mad that when they leave food for the HOMELESS and instead she takes the food and gives it to the library staff.”

Yes, readers, this is from one of my subscribers. He has never donated, but then we all know capitalism is racist, too.

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7 Responses to Editor Threatened: Few Days Later Called a Racist

  1. anonymous says:

    Racist appears to be the easiest word to use when your vocabulary is limited along with brain function…

    Please keep safe and well… We all need you to be and do what you do best.

    Perhaps a new bigger rescue dog added to your household might be a though,

    xx, c

  2. sarah says:

    The racist “card” is so worn and tattered by now, it has lost all true meaning. You are 100% correct: when someone expresses an opinion that a leftist/woke person doesn’t like, instead of engaging in meaningful discussion, the L/W person cries racism and shuts down all further interaction. I have gotten pretty good at ignoring this idiotic behavior, but I truly fear for my children, who are now young adults. How did we get here?

  3. Jim McCashin II says:

    Wow. So sad to see that there are so many people that deserve to be institutionalized still out and avoiding treatment. Keep up the good reporting.

  4. Lynn Miller says:

    Time to unsubscribe him! He obviously doesn’t know good journalism when he reads it. Sounds like a library employee too by his phrase about the “entitled pricks” in the Palisades. Time to OUT him to his employer!!

  5. Danielle McLellan-Bujnak says:

    The main difference I see between Chandler, Arizona and the Palisades right now is that – thanks to CTN – local authorities here will not be able to claim later that there wasn’t any documentation, and that they didn’t know about the violence that was happening until after a child was murdered.

  6. Concerned resident says:

    What is actually racist is thinking certain ethnic groups are too stupid to follow the law. The state and local vendor laws have been simplified and requisite fees are subsidized to the point where there are no longer any excuses to be made. In this case, this vendor is part of a a larger operation which seeks to exploit the lax enforcement taking place with our mobile food system. You can go to the valley and see what happens when the laws are not enforced—these same illegal and unpermitted tents operate with open flames on every street corner. Perhaps dentists who don’t feel like paying rent, taxes and licensing fees can set up chairs on the sidewalks as well?

  7. Loyal Reader says:

    We are here for you, Sue. Thank you for what you do.

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