Richard Harrington to Have First Solo Show

Artist Richard Haarrington

Richard Harrington, a British visual artist and design director, is having his first solo show “Around You” from May 4 through June 10.

Photographer Lesly Hall wrote CTN that “My friend Rich Harrington is creating beautiful art from his studio in Marquez Knolls area. He is having a show on West Channel.”

The opening night is Saturday, May 4, with a reception held from 5 to 8 p.m., at Gallery 169, 169 West Channel Road. A valet will be available for the opening.

Harrington began his career as a graphic designer in London and has helped define some of our time’s most iconic brands with his identity design direction, including Adidas, The Academy of Motion Pictures, Meta, The Oscars, and IKEA.

In his first show, he showcases his passion for Californian aesthetics, drawing inspiration from color palettes, light, and simplistic geometric forms.

By observing and capturing the unique color experiences that surround us in our environment, he believes there is hidden, colorful beauty in everyday life if we choose to look closer and embrace it.

The Gallery in its release writes: Richard’s paintings serve as visual documentation of color moments, memories, and experiences, which he then distills into circular painted expressions. This leaves the viewer with a pure color experience frozen in time. Born from a fascination with the relationship between human and machine, his application technique explores tension, movement, and a physical presence that can be felt in his works.

Richard Harrington’s art will be on display at Gallery 169.

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