Palisades Friends/Newcomers Support Clothing Rack

Members of the Newcomers and Friends group met to hear about the importance of the Santa Monica College Bodegas.

The origin and the importance of the Santa Monica College Food Bodega and Bodega Clothing Rack were explained to members of The Pacific Palisades Friends and Newcomers Community Engagement Committee on April 10.

Meeting at the home of Janice and Tom Adams, the dean and a member of the SMC foundation staff Dr. Lizzy Moore spoke to the group. (

Moore explained that the Bodega programs help provide a holistic system that helps to support each student, regardless of their means, as they pursue their educational aspirations.

Moore said that more than 250 students a day, many of whom live below the poverty line, access SMC’s Bodegas.

In September 2013, at the start of the fall semester, there were 4,380 visits to the Bodega representing 1,835 unique students.

The numbers have steadily increased to where nearly 250 students come to the Bodega daily for prepared foods, groceries, clothing, hygiene supplies and counseling services. During all regular hours and special events, clothing at the Bodega Rack is available at no cost. The only documentation needed is an SMC student ID.

Santa Monica College Foundation receives State and Federal grants to support the food pantry and counseling services of the Bodega. However, the Bodega Rack falls outside of those funds and is volunteer-supported and curated. With this particular service, Moore said all students feel that they are valued and that there is a network of people they don’t even know, who have come together to support them.

April marked the second year of the Bodega Rack. What began as a request to friends and colleagues to donate their gently used clothes has rippled out to those friends reaching out to their contacts. Groups and businesses such as the Pacific Palisades Newcomers Club/Community Outreach Committee, Compass, Coldwell Banker Realty, The Closet Trading Company, Laya Boutique, Ted’s Tayloring and BOCA have helped fill donation bins.

Prior to the meeting, the Newcomer’s Engagement Committee sought donations of gently used clothing for the Bodega Rack. The response was overwhelming, and the group was able to donate two large SUVs filled with donated clothing and were told that it would fill the Rack for the next few months.

Newcomers received an email from the Bodega manager “Thank you so much for the support you and all the donors provide to our Basic Needs Department. The clothes we get from you all is definitely a highlight of our Bodega services, and the students are very grateful to receive them.

Now the Newcomers Engagement Committee is asking for this community’s support for contributions of gently used clothing.

Laya Boutique, at 1406 Montana Avenue in Santa Monica, is partnering with Newcomers as a donation center.

Clothes needed for men and women, all sizes, all ages, but MUST BE ABLE TO BE HUNG ON A RACK include:

1) Casual and dress pants, jeans

2) Shirts, sweaters, jackets, coats, hoodies

3) Suits, ties, skirts, dresses

Due to lack of space the following items are NOT ACCEPTED: underwear, swimsuits, shoes, socks, hats, purses, backpacks, wallets, belts, jewelry, blankets and linens.

To find out more about Pacific Palisades Friends and Newcomers, visit:

Santa Monica College students were line dup to access the Bodegas.


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