“Bubbles and Balloons” Offered at Draycott;

A balloon expert is at the Draycott restaurant on Tuesdays from 5 to 6 to keep kids entertained with balloon animals and other creations.

Kids Can Play on the Lawn during Happy Hour

Palisadian Marissa Hermer, co-owner of The Draycott at Palisades Village, has introduced a child-friendly time at the restaurant on Tuesdays from 5 to 6 p.m.

Adults can enjoy a happy-hour drink – Bubbles (wines) by the glass $9 or cocktails $13, such as a martini, a Walton Street (vodka, crushed watermelon and Paloma De la Rosa) or Pamplemousse, a rose-infused tequila with fresh grapefruit juice and soda.

Children will be treated to a resident “Balloon” artist. “While the kids are playing with their balloon swords or riding their balloon bicycles on the lawn, we invite moms, dads and grandparents to enjoy our Happy Hour,” said Hermer, who held the first “Bubbles and Balloons” last week.

“Parents were catching up while the kids played happily on the lawn – it was like a fairytale – and reminded me why we love this community so much,” Hermer continued. “Parenting isn’t easy, but with the support of a community and these meet-ups, it makes it more fun!”

Marissa and husband Matt have three children.

The key to Tuesday’s happy hour/early dinner is “super fast” service, said Marissa in an email to Circling the News. “I can assure you that the waiters are well versed with kids. Mine dine there a few times a week and while they are practiced restaurant goers, they are still tots and there are spills and crayon drawings on the table cloths. Cie la vie. Life is short but at least we are having fun!”

Restaurant bookings are advised, and one can call (310) 573-8938 with a request to be seated on the terrace, so that kids can go back and forth between the restaurant and the lawn. (Visit: RESY servicehttps://resy.com/cities/la/the-draycott?date=2019-04-29&seats=2)

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