Alphabet Street Preferential Parking

Expanded to Include Fiske and Albright

This week, preferential parking signs went up on several blocks of Fiske Street and part of Albright (between Fiske and Embury). This is the second group of streets around Caruso’s Palisades Village to enact permitted parking.

With the opening of Caruso’s mall last September, residents on Monument, Embury, Charm Acres and portions of Via de la Paz and Albright Streets, which surround the area, were impacted by customer and employee parking, leaving little room for homeowners or  guests vehicles.

Petitions were signed by residents and submitted to the City and, in early December, Preferential Parking District No. 268 was formed, which regulated parking on several blocks of those streets. Two-hour parking is allowed from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., and no parking from 6 p.m. to 8 a.m. – unless the person has a 268 permit.

A resident wrote Circling the News that “we waited to see if the opening of the Caruso project would impact our neighborhood but were quickly overwhelmed by employees parking in the neighborhood.”

Although some Fiske residents in the 1000 block off Albright said they felt badly that they were “simply pushing the problem to Galloway and other streets, Caruso has done absolutely nothing to require employees to park in the parking structure, as required by Caruso’s personal written agreement with the community.”

One resident said that Caruso charges each employee about $130 per month to park in the structure, equivalent to more than one day’s wages for the average employee. Several workers told residents that their employees do not pay for parking.

If other Alphabet street residents want permit parking installed on their block, they need to request a petition from the City of Los Angeles and obtain signatures of 75 percent of the residents (owners or renters). The person to contact at the Department of Transportation is Aron Thompson at

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6 Responses to Alphabet Street Preferential Parking

  1. BT says:

    Great, but will it be enforced (on a regular basis)?!!

  2. Dave Kidd says:

    Just curious if there is any enforcement?

  3. Sue says:

    I live on a preferential parking street near the high school and yes there is enforcement. If I see a high school kid parking, I warn them to move if they plan to be here longer than two hours. I also have people on my block that call enforcement on cars that do not have permits.

    The City makes money on the tickets, so having a parking official going through the streets is cost effective. They do mark tires.

  4. Patrice Dobrowitsky says:

    Every morning when I walk the dog I see people who work in Carusoville walking from their cars parked in the Alphabet Streets to work and every night around ll:30 on the last dog walk, they are again walking to their cars, next to houses with sleeping children.

    He is doing nothing to prevent this.

  5. Karen Ridgley says:

    Is there a fee to residents for permitted parking on resident’s street?
    Is there a fee to residence for permitted parking on that resident Street?

  6. Sue says:


    Yes, there is a fee–if you park on the street by your home for longer than two hours. If you just use your driveway or garage, you will not need to pay.
    A homeowner is allowed up to three annual passes, which are $34 for each car. If you would like a visitor pass for a kid’s car, that has to be paid quarterly, it’s $22.50 (annually $90). If you are having a party, you can also purchase one-day guest passes ($2.50–up to 25).

    I’ve been told that citations for illegal parking are about $70, I don’t know for certain because I’ve avoided tickets by getting passes. Parking officials do visit my street regularly.
    I went from free parking to paying the City $248 (two annual and two visitor passes).


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