Anti-Semitic Graffiti Has Been Defacing Benches and Pathways from Will Rogers Beach to Venice

A Santa Monica Canyon resident alerted the Los Angeles Police Department to stenciled hate messages that were found at Will Rogers State Beach in Pacific Palisades.

“I saw a news segment on Channel 9 last night about this and evidently the stencils start at Will Rogers and continue along the bike path into Santa Monica,” the Palisades resident said, noting that the photos had been taken this morning, May 10. The resident also contacted Beaches and Harbors and asked officials to remove the messages.

LAPD came to the site and wrote a report. The County sent workers who covered the anti-Semitic remarks with blue paint.

According to a May 9 CBSLA 2, KCAL 9 report, the graffiti had been sprayed on benches and pathways from Will Rogers to Venice.

“The neon spray-painted messages are hard to miss and especially upsetting with phrases like ‘the Jew is guilty’ repeatedly painted along the pathways,” the report stated.

“I’m especially offended because we are Jewish and it’s scary,” Gabriel Lerner, a Santa Monica resident, told CBS-LA’s Laurie Perez. Lerner and his wife, Celia Grail, came across the graffiti during a walk on the beach this weekend.

Said Perez, “Police have said that they are aware of the racist tropes showing up in the area. More of the hate-inspired language was added this weekend. It’s only been two weeks, as well as a month earlier, that similar graffiti was being painted on Abbot Kinney Boulevard in Venice. A neighbor in the area took it upon himself to clean that graphic language up himself.”

If a resident sees someone stenciling hate messages, please call LAPD immediately.

LAPD came to Will Rogers Beach to write a report on the graffiti. The message was painted over by Beaches and Harbors.

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3 Responses to Anti-Semitic Graffiti Has Been Defacing Benches and Pathways from Will Rogers Beach to Venice

  1. Cindy Simon says:

    i mean – why would the police or city official cover the offending remarks with bright blue spray paint on a beautifully designed stone bench? This is an example of the city taking a short cut in masking over offensive language with a different offensive brightly colored difficult to remove paint? It is such a slap in the face to a beautifully designed piece of public furniture.

  2. Gail Didden says:

    Why are they using blue paint? There are better ways to clean that graffiti off!

  3. Steve Dahlberg says:

    I have a question. Two days ago my daughter (12 years) and two of her friends (13 years) were chased from Starbucks to CVS, where they needed a manager to confront the homeless man chasing and threatening them. The manager was able to chase the man off and once she was safe the police were called. The police said they would not send a car because the threat had been eliminated and there was nothing that they could do. Some idiot vandalizes a bench and two squad cars come out to inspect. I guess my question is, am I insane?

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