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I’ve been writing Circling the News since 2018. Prior to that I had worked at the Palisades News, but had stopped because I wasn’t being paid. And prior to that I had worked at the Palisadian-Post, until everyone was replaced, except the marvelous Rich Schmidt.

I seemed to spend a lot of time walking my dogs, as I tried to figure out what to do next. I missed writing and I missed following local issues.

When Temescal Canyon Road was closed on a Sunday and no one seemed to know what was going, I contacted LAPD and found out that there had been a homicide in Temescal Canyon Park. I realized then that there was no one in town, who was reporting on local news in a timely fashion, and decided to try to write a “blog” or “website” newsletter about stories, not only in Pacific Palisades, but those that interested me in other areas of the country, too.

I try to bring timely stories – without advertisements. I also promise that I will never sell or share the subscription list with another vendor.

I told Bill Bruns, my good friend and a former Palisadian-Post editor (who still reads my stories), that I feel we are exploring a new method of distributing local news in a timely and more interactive fashion.

Bill sent me a story about how a local community newspaper in Ohio has gone from print newspaper to reporting strictly on the internet.

In making the decision, the Ohio paper wrote: “The problem is that hiring reporters for traditional coverage of smaller communities is expensive, and the traditional forms of revenue don’t generate enough money to pay the salaries,” the story noted that coverage once common in small towns is gone. . .which means local governments operate largely unchecked.

In addition to paying for website expenses, your donation would allow me to pay freelance writers to draft stories so that a tradition of press/journalism will continue.

I would appreciate your support for my company, Circling the News.

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