Two Items of Interest: Sand Cleaning and Library Bench

Public Works Cleans the Sand from Bike Path

Just in time for a beautiful weekend, L.A. County Public Works cleaned the sand from the bike path last Friday, April 26, at Will Rogers State Historic Beach.

After several extremely windy days over several weeks, there was sand piled on the cement and

One resident wrote that “It’s an interesting process to watch the Zamboni-type of sweeper unload the sand back onto the beach.”

There was numerous praise from residents for the County taking this action.

Pacific Palisades Community Council President Maryam Zar wrote: “Many, many thanks for being tuned in to our needs, reactive to our messages, and proactive about keeping our community safe!”

This machine cleaned the sidewalk and threw the sand back on the beach.

Food Left on Library Bench

A reader criticized CTN for asking a food vendor to have a license or permit. It’s the law and doesn’t have anything to do with race, despite the venom spewed by the person commenting. That reader also wrote: Btw Sue Pascoe why don’t you report real news instead of gossip. Here’s a story for you write about that lady that gets mad when they leave food for the HOMELESS and instead she takes the food and gives it to the library staff.

CTN has reported that story before. A misguided person takes food from the Y’s food program and puts the bag on the bench in front of the Palisades Library, 861 Alma Real.

The Palisades YMCA has a food give-away on Thursdays in front of the Y on Via de la Paz. The program requires one to sign up, but is “low-entry” meaning almost anyone can qualify. Many local people pick up a bag of food for their maid or gardener.

YMCA Executive Director Jim Kirtley was asked at one of the service club meetings if homeless could qualify for groceries. “Yes,” he said.

He was asked if the homeless ever stopped by to pick up food. He said of course, homeless could sign up. He said that some have stopped by and will take items that they can eat without any food preparation, such as granola bars.

Leaving a bag on a bench, that could have lentils, beans and canned food, or product that has to be cooked like cabbage, is not wise for several reasons.

Rats are a big problem in this community. The homeless are not going to take anything out of the bag unless it’s something they can eat without preparation.

That leaves two options: throwing it in the garbage or giving it to the library staff to see if they know anyone who can use it.

If anyone knows this misguided individual, who makes her/himself feel better because they are leaving food. This is not the best way to effect change. Please ask this individual to contact the Pacific Palisades Task Force on Homelessness. Routinely, sandwiches are made and delivered, and granola bars are handed out. Leaving food out for vermin causes other problems.

The bench in front of the Palisades Library is not a place to leave food.


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  1. Rick says:

    So few people think their actions through. Ask for guidance.

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