Car Accidents Near Canyon Elementary Increasing

Several residents have tried to call the City’s attention to the dangers of West Channel Road. One wrote “This is a huge intersection of two one-lane, one-way roads, around the intersection of Entrada Drive and Channel Road, Canyon Elementary and the Santa Monica Stairs (which is a popular outdoor exercise location.

“There is a school here, with a long crosswalk and no crossing guards or special markings.

“Signs are constantly run over and rarely replaced,” the resident said.

Another resident wrote, “I have noticed an increase in traffic accidents at the subject intersection.  It seems that traffic coming off PCH and onto West Channel Road headed to San Vicente is very busy and moving at a faster pace around rush hour.

“Since I live on this corner, I am aware of accidents because of the noise,” the resident said. “Lately it seems that these accidents are happening approximately every other week.

“The traffic, from East Channel down Entrada and traveling to the light signal at PCH, is moving faster.  It seems the biggest problem at this intersection is lack of a LEFT TURN SIGNAL.

“Everyone is in a hurry to get through the West Channel/Entrada/Mesa intersection and left turns are not controlled,” the resident said in an email to Senior Lead Officer Brian Espin and Councilmembers Field Deputy Michael Amster. “If there is a way to slow the traffic to prevent less accidents, that would be helpful.”

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