Try K’s Bakery in the Highlands

Restaurant reviewer Grace Hiney dined at K’s Bakery, owned by Kim Kedeshian. The eatery recently opened in the Highlands Village Plaza, at Sunset Boulevard and Palisades Drive.



548 Palisades Drive

Pacific Palisades

(310) 573-9900

If you have not yet been to order and take-out, or better yet, to relax and dine on the delightful outdoor plaza, give K’s Bakery a try. Not only is everything baked daily (starting at midnight) so that each bread, cake and muffin is indeed fresh and delicious, but they create all of their specialties such as soup, sandwiches, salads and dinners to ensure that each item is made to satisfy your wishes.

The bakery/restaurant is located at the east end of the shopping plaza located just off Sunset Boulevard heading to the Highlands on Palisades Drive (in the former Roast location). There is a pleasing bakery fragrance in the interior where you place your order. However, the extensive outdoor plaza is not only quieter, but with its array of plants, herbs, large handsome heaters and lights, along with furniture to cope with any number of diners, it provides a relaxing setting for any meal.

K’s Bakery stands for Kim Kedeshian, who not only creates much of the food, or oversees it, she ensures that it is tasty and made on the premises. Of course, that is not enough as she also oversees her three offspring: two in college and one at PaliHi (where her daughter is on the City championship volleyball team).

One of Kim’s treats when my friend, Barbara, and I had lunch, was the excellent homemade Moroccan carrot soup and the accompanying Naan bread. Filled with flavor and served generously in a large white bowl along with the bread, the soup was delicious and my choice for lunch. (One can also purchase a pint of the Soup of the Day to take home for $8.)

Barbara enjoyed the Chinese Chicken-Romaine Napa and Red Cabbage salad, fragrant with carrot, scallions, cashews and Wonton skins, all with a sesame dressing. Salads, including Caesar, the K Bakery Cobb, the Orchard Spinach and the Farmhouse Chicken, are priced at $11 to $13.

Kim told us that one of her customers’ favorite dishes is her chicken pot pie ($10) that they make with organic carrots, butternut squash, green beans, russet potatoes and organic chicken with a seasoned béchamel sauce in a flaky pie crust. She said it sells out every day. Sounds delicious to me! They also have a seafood pie made with fennel.

In the morning, K’s offers all kinds of breads, pastries, croissants and muffins, as well as a quiche, an egg muffin sandwich, pancakes, granola, berries and more.

Sandwiches are served with house chips or salad for $12. With your sandwich you are offered a variety of spreads varying from mayo to fig jam, and more.

Later in the day, you may find a BBQ turkey meatloaf served with creamy mashed potatoes and mixed greens with an apple vinaigrette ($14) or perhaps a cheese and spinach lasagna roll, also served with the salad for $14. There is a Bakery Burger on a homemade brioche bun for $16, and other offerings depending on the season.

Particularly interesting is that dinner items may be brought to you home because of the complimentary delivery between 4 and 6 p.m.

Café hours at the moment are 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Sunday Brunch is served from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m.

K’s Bakery has a wonderful variety of breakfast muffins and pastries, as well as cakes and cupcakes.

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  1. Gretchen Arnold says:

    I love that k’s bakery is there , but I wish we could have had a hamburger for lunch …

  2. Arlene Weber says:

    I love the butternut squash soup, have bought it twice

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