Shopping for Clothes an Issue

Currently, Vince is one of the few stores in the Caruso complex that sells men’s clothing.

Shopping for a Size 12 in Caruso’s Village

According to Plunkett Research, about 68 percent of American women wear a size 14 or larger. In the fashion industry, a plus size is 10-14, but some companies call sizes 14-16 a plus size.

Many women have complained to Circling the News that none of the new clothing stores in Causo’s Palisades Village carry sizes 12 and larger, and thus these women have no place to shop there. They point out that these stores cater to women who wear 0’s, 2’s and 4’s.

Residents told CTN that it is embarrassing to walk into a store and be told that “We do not have anything in your size.”

Additionally, we have heard men complain that they have nowhere to shop, except at Vince, which is now open across from the Bay Theater.

CTN canvassed the new stores, the majority of which are women-owned, inquiring about sizes and which stores carry men’s clothing.

Zimmerman’s clothing is loose-fitting and flows and can accommodate a larger frame. “We cater to every size,” the sales clerk said. “The pieces are generous.” The Australian-based company has Australian sizes 0 to 3 (the latter translates to a size 10). “We’ve had a good local response so far.”

Rachel Zoe has sizes up to 12 and “we’re working on it [getting larger sizes],” the clerk said.

Vince, which has men’s and women’s fashions, said they are launching up to a size 14 in their store starting in November. “We sell them [8’s, 10’s and 12’s] very well, just as well as 0’s, 2’s, 4’s and 6’s,” the clerk said.

Additionally, Vince carries men’s fashions on the second floor, which opens to a beautiful balcony, overlooking Swarthmore and Sunset. Even if you are not shopping, it is worth going upstairs for the view.

To inquire about having special events in the balcony space, please contact

Vince clothing for men and women has a second floor space that can be used for special events.

At Paige, “We go up to size 12, but the fabric varies and can go to 14,” said a clerk. “If people are having a hard time finding a fit, come to us and we can fix it.”

The clerks at Paige, a family-owned local business, said they are known for finding the perfect fit.

One sales clerk said, “I am super curvy, but I can find jeans to fit.” They also have a concierge, who will work with individuals on clothing choices, and they offer free hemming.  Men’s clothes are also on display.

Paige clothing store offers a concierge who will help fit and find clothes for shoppers.

Carbon 38 has leggings in XXL (14-16), but most of the clothes are in xx small to sizes 8 to 10. They offer shoes, too.

Cuyana carries x-small to large (8-10), but a clerk said, “Many of our guests find out when they try on clothes they go down a size.” The store offers free monogramming for the store’s leather goods, which include wallets, cardholders, passport cases, clutches and purses.


Annie Bing carries sizes 0 to 10. “We have lots of stuff that are relaxed and oversized,” a clerk said.

At A.L.C., the sizes go up to 12, and they are expecting more stock. (Online A.L.C. goes to a size 14.)

At Towne, the denim goes up to size 12, the dresses are a size 10 and the sweaters are x-large. There are men’s clothes available at this store, owned by Elyse Walker.

Fleur du mal offers panties, and bras that go to a 36D. At the moment, the clothing sizes end at size 10.

It appears that there are indeed limited options in Palisades Village for women size 14 and larger.

According to a Racked article, “Size, by the Numbers,” U.S. sales of women’s plus-size apparel reached $21.4 billion in 2016. The category is also growing substantially faster than the overall U.S. apparel market, at a rate of 6 percent versus 3 percent year over year.

The article points out that when it comes to the selection, just 2.3 percent of their women’s apparel assortment is plus-size, and there is almost no selection in the luxury market.

(Editor’s note: In full disclosure, the editor wears a size 8 and has never been a size 0, even when she was a toddler.)


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4 Responses to Shopping for Clothes an Issue

  1. Sandy says:

    This is a great rundown of what’s available. Thank you for doing the legwork.

  2. Britt says:

    Yeah, no reason for me to return to this area – clothes too small and expensive for me – kids clothes too expensive too, but I’m not surprised, it’s exactly what I expected. Maybe go to Hank’s …some day. Much easier, cheaper and more variety to see movies in Santa Monica. I’m not who Caruso wants here anyway, my body fat is much higher than 10% LOL

  3. Britt says:

    EXACTLY what I expected. Prices, too. Won’t be returning.

  4. Paula says:

    The more revelations I caught about the stores going in, the more I guffawed! Born here, lived here all my life (and am a size 0-2, so it’s not about that) – but if these boutiques thrive, I will be a shocked Palisadian…and not in a good way: In a “Who ARE these people?” way.

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