Two Free Upcoming Events This Week:

One at Pierson Playhouse, One at the Park


“FINDING NEMO” on August 17

“Finding Nemo,” released in 2003 and produced by Pixar Animation Studios, won the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature and was nominated in three more categories, including Best Original Screenplay.

The popular movie will show for free at Movies in the Park at dusk on the Field of Dreams at the Palisades Recreation Center.

Nemo is captured from the Great Barrier Reef and winds up in an aquarium in a dentist’s office in Sydney, Australia, where he meets a yellow tang Bubbles, a sea star Peach, cleaner shrimp Jacques, blowfish Bloat, royal gramma Gurgle and blue and white humbug Deb. Through leader Gill, a Moorish idol, comes up with a plan to help them escape.

Meanwhile, Nemo’s father Marlin continues searching for his son, with his side kick Dory. The fish continue to suffer all sorts of near misses as they escape jellyfish and find friends with the turtles.

Eventually the father and son are reunited.

Bring a picnic and the kids (or grandkids) and enjoy the chance to meet and chat with great people in the community before the movie. (Remember: NO PETS—if someone is bitten, the permit for movies could be withdrawn. No smoking, no alcohol or stick-leg chairs.)

There will be free hotdogs, sponsored by Mike Skinner, and free give-a-ways from sponsors. The Palisades High  football team booster club will sell water and snacks.

This year’s movies are being sponsored by: Thesman Family, the Palisades Woman’s Club, Gelson’s, Kehillat Israel, Marc Michael Eyewear Studio, Palisades Pitstop, Pali Presbyterian Preschool, Palisades Village Rodeo Realty, David Tishbi, the Optimist Club, Dan Urbach-Realtor (Compass), Pacific Palisades Dentistry, Palisades Funding and the Pacific Palisades Baseball Association.



A one-woman comedy about the Middle East, surfing and survival, written and performed by Erin Hunter and directed by Adam Lenson.

The free show at Pierson Playhouse is on Sunday, August 18, starting at 6:30 with cocktails. The comedy begins at 7 p.m. and at 8:30 p.m., “party like Israelis.”

The show centers around Heather’s and husband Zach’s trip from Ohio to Tel Aviv. He finds the Wailing Wall and abandons Heather, who takes up surfing.

“Told as a series of surf lessons, it combines quirky storytelling, sharp observational comedy and some plucky tunes on the ukulele. The fish out of water tale explores the immigrant experience, female empowerment and finding one’s inner chutzpah.” WHO SAYS??

        “Oh, we have sharks here, but that are not in the water,” says Udi, an Israeli surf teacher.

To reserve seats, visit Donations are welcome. For more about Erin Hunter, visit:

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