Thoughtless Resident on Las Casas Ruins 

Despite L.A. City Street Services warnings not to drive on the new slurry, one neighbor on Las Casas chose to ignore the recommendation.

Street’s New Slurry Seal, Despite Warnings

On June 17, residents along Las Casas received a notice from the City that a slurry seal application would be laid the following day between 7 a.m. and 3 p.m. on their street. No parking signs were posted.

The notice said that the street would be closed until about 6 p.m. and noted, in all caps and boldface, “THERE WILL BE NO ACCESS TO DRIVING ON THE STREET ONCE WORK BEGINS. IN AND OUT DRIVEWAY ACCESS WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE.”

The notice, also in boldface, asked residents’ cooperation by:

“Not driving on the slurry seal before it has properly cured to avoid damaging both the integrity of the surface and, in some cases, the vehicle’s paint.”

A resident of Las Casas contacted Circling the News at 11:30 a.m. on June 18 and wrote: “Fifteen minutes after they coated the street, a resident backed his car out onto the wet slurry coating and then traveled north on Las Casas to Sunset. Tire marks now remain all the way from his house out.”

Unfortunately for that resident, the City had put up barricades to prevent cars from entering the street at Sunset.

The neighbor reported, “The man had to step in the slurry to move the barricades, so that he could get out.”

Then like a good neighbor, after the man removed the barricades and drove his car through to Sunset, he stopped, got out, and stepped back in the slurry to replace the barricades, so that no other cars would travel on the road.

The City in the notice that had gone out to every home wrote: “Thank you for doing your part in helping us extend the life of the City’s roadways!”


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3 Responses to Thoughtless Resident on Las Casas Ruins 

  1. Diane Bleak says:

    Hilarious, you just can’t make this stuff up 🙂

  2. Carol Solomon says:

    I live on Las Casas on the Loop where thankfully everyone obeyed the signs and the new paving looks good. However, when I read the signs that said on Wednesday the part of Las Casas from the Loop up to Baylor was to be paved I was concerned because there would be no way for us to get to Sunset. I pointed this out to one of the workman who showed me a map that said we were to go right on Marquette to Bienveneda. I said that Marquette was not a through street and had not been for many years and that obviously he had an old map. I called the city and the person I spoke to wondered why they used an old map. I assume that is why that part of Las Casas remains unpaved.

  3. Marianne Bailard says:

    This IS what is known as “entitlement’ – The belief that one is inherently deserving of privileges or special treatment.

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