Patriotic Pups Celebrates 25 Years

Even pups that can’t walk the route are welcome to be in the parade.  Photo:Joanne Reich

How to Walk Your Dog in the Parade


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Celebrating their 25th year, Patriotic Pups will be marching at 2 p.m. in the Palisades Fourth of July Parade along with their owners.

Once again, the Palisades’ grooming salon, Paws N’ Claws will be sponsoring the event and passing out patriotic bandanas to each canine participant and their owner, as well as a bottle of water, a collapsible bowl and waste cleanup bags.

Although you can sign up in advance by e-mailing, with your name, telephone number, email address, and pup’s name, you can also just show up that day. “The bigger turnout of dogs, the better, the more fun.” Says Leslie Buck, Paws N’ Claws manager.

Co-founder of Patriotic Pups Marilyn Haaker will be walking with Edgar and Murphy, Buck will be walking with Gucci, and Paws N’ Claws employees Devyn, Diana, Gabby and Carly will join the parade as well as many of the grooming salon’s customers.

Marilyn Haaker and her sister Margaret started the Patriotic Pups in 1995. The group of dogs are one of the most popular entries in the parade year after year.

Paws N’ Claws owner Barbara Buck-Marting will be helping everyone get ready at the corner of Via de la Paz and Bowdoin where dogs and owners are asked to gather at about 1:40 p.m. There will be consent forms on hand to sign, or it can be printed, signed and brought with you by visiting:

Dogs must be on leash at all times and feel comfortable with crowds, cars, horses and other dogs. Dogs and owners can step out of the parade at any time along the route. “This is the happiest and most fun time of the year. Dress like your dog, and come join us,” says Buck-Marting. “People watching the parade get a kick out of it.”

Three patriotic dogs walk in last year’s parade.
Photo: Joanne Reich


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