Sports Referees Can Be Artists, Too

“Twin Eyes” is by sculptor Lee Jordan.

Many swimmers, soccer and lacrosse players have had an able referee, Lee Jordan, work many of their high school games at Palisades High School.

Those same players and parents may not realize that the various officials who help keep the teams on the field are actually a diverse and interesting crew. Artist Jordan is one of those people.

From September 23 to 36, at the Barker Hangar in Santa Monica, Jordan will join 130 artists whose work will be displayed.

“I’ll be showing some new stone pieces at this event,” Jordan told Circling the News. (Tickets are available here: Use code 30JORDAN for 30% off.).

On his website (, the sculptor writes: “My work is about feeling. Everything I do comes from a sense of self, the touch, the look, the emotion. To me, the feeling and texture of the material allows me to intertwine the smooth and rough aspects of each sculpture. The sensuality and process invites the viewer to touch and feel each and every one of my creations.

“As I have developed my own personal style, I have been influenced by other sculptors such as Constantin Brancusi, Henry Moore and Pablo Picasso,” Jordan said. “The honoring of form, the love of material, the worship of the figure and the abstraction of life.”

Jordan works in stone, metal, clay, resin and concrete and teaches at the Teale Street Sculpture studio. His work has been shown in numerous locations in Culver City, Pasadena, Santa Barbara, Long Beach, Japan and Korea.

“Rapture” was sculpted by Lee Jordan.

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