Letter: Officer John “Rusty” Redican Writes about His New Position with the LAPD

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Officer John “Rusty” Redican has worked in Pacific Palisades for five and half years.


Sorry that I have been a bit silent as of late. Many of you have asked for updates, but the way my department works, I had to remain silent until my new position was secured.

I will be leaving West LA effective 09/24/21 and starting a new full-time position at the Elysian Park, LAPD Police Academy as a Firearms instructor. I’ll be working with amazing Law Enforcement professionals who, like me, want to train the next generation of Police Officers to be as best prepared to fulfill our mandate, to Protect and to Serve, as possible.

This is a bittersweet transition for me. I’ve been a working Police Officer in the field for almost a quarter century, in a variety of Uniformed and Undercover assignments. I hope to use that experience to help train, guide and mentor new Officers to pick up the torch and run with it.

As for my time with all of you, I would like to say that my Partner Jimmy Soliman and I, hold the Pacific Palisades Community in the highest possible regard. I feel that our third Partner, your very own Sharon Kilbride, is an outlier that the majority of the Pacific Palisades probably doesn’t know just how vital a role she has played in keeping the Palisades safe.

Also, another major player is Palisades Patrol Sergeant Eric Fine.  I would be remiss if I did not name those two for their tireless work. What we and the Palisades community have accomplished together in six years has been an amazing, rewarding and successful effort to be a part of. It has been one of the most personally rewarding, sustained efforts to help people, that I’ve been fortunate enough to be a part of. While doing so, many of you helped me strive to be a better person, every day.

Our efforts give me optimism, even in our current bizarro world, that we will continue to be resolute in effecting positive change.

My phone, email and social media have been non-stop with support. Over 700 emails, texts and phone calls.

Also, many of you who have flagged me down and personally shared your heartfelt support. Even I cannot put into words just how much your support means to me! It’s far more personally rewarding, than acquiring any position ever could. Between you and my fellow Officers…. The support has been overwhelming!  And mitigated the sting, caused by others. I cannot possibly return the overwhelming amount of messages I have received, in a timely fashion. I do share in your frustration and disappointment but given the circumstances?  I must turn the page to a new chapter.

Many of you have asked….But as for the decision of West LA management and others, to not select me for the official Palisades SLO position? A position that I have been doing as a duty, along with my own work with the homelessness crisis for six years? It was simply beyond my control, and the Man upstairs must have different plans for me. Much like when other positions didn’t work out, and my path turned and led me to my work here in the Palisades with all of you. I have to trust that my personal abilities were needed elsewhere.

But again, I will always love the Palisades for what we were able to come together and accomplish. The rest of the region is now doing or trying to do what we have successfully done for the past six years. Many people are far better off due to that resolute teamwork. And that is a great thing. I hope that the PPTFH will continue to get your support. All the Outreach volunteers along with The People Concern, Glanda, Jesse and nurse Nancy do amazing things for the less fortunate who are in need. They make a substantive difference and have saved lives!

Also, that the Palisades should hold SLO Brian Espin, Sergeant Alpert and the West LA Command to the very same high standard that I set at the initial direction and intent of Captain Nieto (now a Chief of Police up north). I hope they will physically rise to the occasion. If not, I know there are a lot of you who will help them get back on track. The Pacific Palisades, and those in need, deserve no less of a standard to be adhered to.

Thankfully, Officers Margin and Yi will be working the Beach Detail, as they are great young Officers who have a working knowledge of the Beach, the Bluffs and know many of the Homeless who are in need. So, with them and SLO Espin physically out there making their presence known on a daily basis, this physical presence will help keep the hillsides clear of fire hazards. Hopefully soon, my old partner Jimmy Soliman will be back in the mix. His knowledge of the area and operationally how we were successful will be vital.

I have family and friends who live in the Palisades and Brentwood, so I will be around once in a while. And as a bicycle nerd, with the Palisades being my favorite part of the city, I will be riding through often for coffee at Estate and Sunrise Brew…. See you soon…

Stay healthy, be safe and be well!




Rusty Redican


P.S. Many have asked for West LA contacts after my departure. All future concerns on Homelessness and all things Palisades related should be directed to Senior Lead Officer Brian Espin.


Emergency: 911

Non-Emergency: 877-275-5273 (877-ask-lapd)


Department Cell – 213-810-0142

Desk # 310-444-0737

Espin e-mail 37430@lapd.online


Sergeant Alpert email: 36921@lapd.online


Captain Tom email: 32993@lapd.online



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One Response to Letter: Officer John “Rusty” Redican Writes about His New Position with the LAPD

  1. Wajeeh Ersheid says:

    I knew Officer Rusty for over three years. In my opinion, he is a highly professional police officer. He should have been awarded one or two promotions for his policing work in my Pacfic Palisades community and fine work with the homeless.
    I am shocked to hear of his transfer. He will be missed dearly.
    FIVE STARS for Officer Rusty. And thanks a million for a job well done.

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