“Social Isolation/Safer at Home” Activity Suggestions during This Covid-19 Crisis:

Put a puzzle together – or just buy and drink California craft beers.

If you were not among the people gallivanting on the beach this past weekend or pushing by people on the Temescal Canyon trail to reach the waterfall, I believe you have been diligently working on a “Safer at Home” to-do list.

By now you have probably completed Brush Clearance, weeded your property and written a letter to L.A. County Supervisor  Sheila Kuehl asking to have the voting system fixed before the November election (per CTN’s suggestion: “Coronavirus Updates via L.A.Times and Wall Street Journal” https://www.circlingthenews.com/coronavirus-upda

Circling the News had a good laugh on March 20 when received an email from the Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk: “News Release: Seventh Ballot Counting Update for the March 3 Presidential Primary Election.” The media was informed that results for the Primary will be updated again on Tuesday, March 24. There have been no actual certified results, yet. Can you image the chaos this might cause if the November presidential election comes down to California?

If it takes this long to sort out a primary, we can only hope that the November election will be wrapped up before the inauguration.

New recommendations for Safer-at-Home activities:

  1. The Census 2020 has arrived in the mail. We are supposed to respond by April 1 to my2020census.gov. If you do not respond by then, a Census Bureau interviewer will be sent to your home for answers. In an effort to keep social distancing, CTN recommends filling out the form over the internet – checking that off your to-do listA reader wrote that the following update was posted to enumerators today (Monday):  “The U.S. Census Bureau recognizes that the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) is a          significant health risk to the public. In our efforts to do our part to safeguard the        health of the public, and to accomplish the constitutional requirement of counting the population every ten years, the U.S. Census Bureau is taking the necessary precautions, according to established public health safety guidelines to reduce exposure. As a result we are currently postponing operations for 2 weeks, which includes fingerprinting and Enumeration training.”
  2. Train your dog to beg, roll over and stay. If you do not have a dog, train your husband/wife/gender neutral companion to do same. Liver pieces for the dog, chocolate pieces for the human. Unlike toilet paper, there seems to be enough chocolate in stores. You have to wonder about people who put a higher premium on hoarding paper products over a good chocolate.
  3. Needlepointing. This is only for people who are really bored or started a project in 2010 and never finished it but found it when cleaning out a drawer.
  4. Clean out drawers: There’s plenty of time to try on clothes and keep those which are too big. Since there is no shortage of food and our fitness gyms are closed,  one might need the larger sizes in the next few months.
  5. Forget about “reducing, reusing and recycling” for the time being; that would be practical, but who wants to save the planet when we have Amazon? “Add to cart.”
  6. Sort through your boxes of old photographs, scan them and get them on disks.
  7. Put together a 1,000 piece puzzle, especially one of those featuring blue skies, green forested mountains, a vast blue lake, and two dueling grizzly bears.
  8. Try to order take-out from a local restaurant—we’re all in this together, and even though most households have now purchased enough food from Gelson’s, Vons, Ralphs and Erewhon to last four or five months (and toilet paper for a year), please call a local restaurant and bring home a meal.
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