Pacific Palisades Task Force on Homelessness Updates

Last year, the tent, chairs and bed of several homeless people were found in a very high severity fire zone in Pacific Palisades and removed.
Photo: Sharon Kilbride

(Editor’s note: The Pacific Palisades Task Force on Homelessness asked if Circling the News could post the following update.)

As our city responds to the spread of coronavirus, PPTFH is providing this bulletin to our volunteers, supporters and community to share important updates on our activities.

Regarding PPTFH’s on-going operations

  • The People Concern for self-care reasons, has pulled our outreach team from street work until further notice but the team will continue to provide casework on behalf of our clients. (E.g. processing documents, facilitating appointments, telephone meetings with clients.)
  • The outreach team proactively identified the most health compromised clients on our streets and has given them instructions on how to care for themselves and where to go for assistance. (Where possible, telephone contact will be maintained.)
  • The LAPD beach patrol will be out and about as usual policing our beaches, bluffs, PCH and providing protection and assistance as needed.
  • PPTFH Law Enforcement and Coordination Committee volunteers will continue to monitor their respective areas in a manner that is prudent for their personal self-care and safety.
  • PPTFH Board of Directors and committee work continues. Check our website for information, data reporting and updates.
  • If there are true emergencies related to a homeless person, first call 911. The outreach team will respond to calls placed to our community line, 310-466-2630 or email, as resources allow.

Regarding the City homeless shelter proposed for the Palisades Recreation Center –

  • PPTFH did not receive advance notice or information about this action from the City.
  • We have requested that Councilperson Bonin’s office provide PPTFH with direct, first-hand, detailed information about the plans for the proposed homeless shelter.
  • We have communicated to Councilperson Bonin’s office that we want to help facilitate good process and communication within the Palisades community.

Questions for and Communication with PPTFH?

  • If you have questions or want to communicate with us please contact us through our website or email us at
  • We will respond as our time and resources allow.
  • Thank you for your continued interest in and support of PPTFH


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