Residents Urged to Be Ready

No northbound traffic was allowed on PCH in order to keep lanes open from those who are evacuating the Woolsey Fire in Malibu and Topanga.

Woolsey Fire Prompts Residents to Prepare

Southbound Temescal Canyon Road was shut at Bowdoin (by Palisades High School).

People who live in Tahitian Terrance, Palisades Bowl or Malibu Village, could drive to the bottom of Temescal. After showing proof of residence, they received a motorcycle escort to their residence. No drivers were allowed to turn left onto PCH.

Resident who live north of Temescal, such as in Tahitian Terrace, on PCH were given a police escort after showing proof of residence.

Santa Monica residents that live on PCH were directed to take Seventh Street into the Santa Monica Canyon and then use West Channel Road to access southbound PCH.

In addition to Malibu, Topanga Canyon residents were also being evacuated.

John Wilson, who in an earlier story on this blog, warned about being prepared for a disaster, sent out the following suggestions for Pacific Palisades residents:

1) Make sure your cars have filled gas tanks. Malibu gas stations could not pump gas because they did not have any electricity.

2) Make sure you have cash, small bills are suggested. If electricity is out, you will not be able to use the ATM.

3) Start thinking about an evacuation plan. Local hotels are full.

4) Mobile phone towers are not working in Malibu due to the fire and power outages.

5) Have important documents and prescriptions ready.

All school traffic was directed north to Sunset and kept off of Pacific Coast Highway, in order to aid those trying to evacuate from the Woolsey fire in Malibu.

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