Woolsey Fire 3 p.m. Update

Woolsey Fire Continues to Prompt Evacuations

In order to aid the mandatory evacuations out of Malibu, and parts of Topanga Canyon, the four-lane Pacific Coast Highway has been turned into a one-way road from Malibu to the McClure Tunnel. No northbound traffic is allowed on that road.

Additionally, all-west bound ramps on Interstate 10 in Santa Monica are closed until further notice.

The Woolsey fire was zero percent contained as of 3 p.m. and is expected to reach the ocean.

According to a worker at the Marina del Ray boat docks, boats have been sent to Malibu to aid in evacuating residents on the beaches.

Palisades High School, which is a designated evacuation site wrote on its Facebook page at noon “The American Red Cross (ARC) HAS NOT officially activated us at this time even though the Radio & TV News people are saying we are, but we’ve been on the phone with ARC and they are going to send a team here to assist us in getting ready in the distinct possibility we will be activated today.

“As of now we’re setting up the Small Gym as the evacuation space and will adjust if/as needed.”

The PaliHi football playoff game in Eagle Rock was still scheduled, but all after school activities, including the play “The Barker” and all permits for the field and school were cancelled.

Smoke from Woolsey fire seen from Will Rogers Beach at Temescal Canyon Road.                            Photo: Reece Pascoe



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