Residents Say Goodbye to Employees

Bob and Marge Gold stop by Norris Hardware to say goodbye to employees such as Julia (center).

The Long, Sad Goodbye


The goodbyes started on July 9, the first day of Norris Hardware’s 50 % off sale. The hardware store, founded in 1925 and one of Pacific Palisades oldest businesses, was closing.

A post on social media, “Goodbye Norris,” generated 102 replies. Gradually a plan emerged, sort of, for a barbecue on July 14 for the remaining employees. Many of 14 who worked there in February had already found work elsewhere.

Lots of Palisades residents stepped forward with all sorts of offers of help that included chairs, tents, 5 lbs. of potato salad–and the list goes on.

The best laid plans can often go off track–and these did–with the barbeque never quite coming together.

Was the day a waste? Absolutely not!!  The store was filled with a steady stream of residents who stopped by to express their gratitude to the wonderful employees, to sign a poster board that was on the outside of the store, take selfies of themselves with the Norris sign (soon to come down) or to ask, “where’s the party.”

I experienced the end of a community institution and I wish all the employees the best.  And if you haven’t said goodbye, the employees will be there until the end of the months when Norris’ doors shut for good.

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  1. Sandy Eddy says:

    Well done, Marge! Thanks for sharing your experience.

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