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Temescal Pothole Follow Up

The two potholes on Temescal Canyon Road were slowly merging into one large one. They were reported on December 15 and repaired by December 28.

I reported a major pothole on lower Temescal Canyon Road on December 15, after nearly blowing a tire there on December 12.

In my research, I discovered that unless a pothole HAD been reported, the City will not pay for any damages done to your car.

Initially, I received a December 17 email from the City that my inquiry had been received and the status was pending.

On December 26, I received the following email from informing me that my service request number was # 1-1259600211, but that the status was closed.

They wrote: “Three (3) potholes total: First pothole located in the southbound no.2 lane, between the 6th & 7th southbound street light pole on the right side; Second pothole located in the southbound no. 2 lane, between the 9th & 10th southbound street light on the right side; and Third pothole located in the southbound no. 1 lane, at the 17th light pole on the right.”

I wrote back and asked why my case was closed because the potholes were still there as of 4 p.m. December 26. I also enclosed photos.

On December 27, the Bureau of Street Services responded: “This request is pending for repairs. Since we received duplicate requests at this location, they were closed to facilitate the workload. Please refer to SR#1-1258065141 when following up on the progress.”

On December 28, the holes had been repaired.

Circling the News urges residents to continue to call 311 and report potholes to ensure that people whose cars are damaged (because of the roads) are compensated.

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