Margaux Glaser Surprised Seniors with Halloween Goodies


Palisades Seniors Receive a Halloween Surprise from Realtor Margaux Glaser

Margaux Glaser, a senior real estate specialist with Sothebys International, delivered cookies, candy and a handwritten card to about 50 seniors in Pacific Palisades.

She shared a few of the cards with Circling the News that were handwritten by Corpus Christi students.

One letter read: “Dear friend, I hope this finds you in good health. Are you excited for the Halloween season? I am going to dress up as a harlequin or a character from an anime called “My hero academia.” Are you reading any good books? What games do you enjoy playing? I hope you have a wonderful year.”

A second card had a Wall of Questions: What is your favorite song? What is your favorite memory? Do you play Truth or Dare? Do you have any dreams? Who is the love of your life? What is your favorite color? What is your favorite game? Do you have a favorite boy or girl group? What is your favorite sport and what is your favorite brand?”

Glaser had already received several responses from seniors, including “What a perfectly LOVELY surprise to find the bag of Halloween goodies on my doorstep. It is particularly meaningful, as I have just returned from visiting my first grandchild – and it lifted my spirits.”

A second person wrote, “Thank you for the treats, but I particularly love the cards provided by the children.”

Glaser orchestrated a similar project for Valentine’s Day, because many elderly residents were still in isolation because of the pandemic.

“I reached out to Corpus Christi Elementary and also to Methodist Preschool and asked if the kids would like to make Valentines,” Glaser said. The idea was immediately embraced, and tons of cards were created by the youngsters. “Teachers loved that the kids had a sense of purpose.”

Glaser bought little mailboxes with candy inside to deliver with the cards to doorsteps.

She found extra help with deliveries through the Palisades High School Ambassadors club, which works to forge a community-school bond.

Glaser, who was raised in Carmel, graduated from San Francisco State with a degree in marketing. She worked on events for Conde Nast in New York City for 10 years before moving back to the West Coast.

About five years ago, she started working in real estate, a natural progression for her because “my whole family is in real estate,” including both of her brothers.

About this community service project, Glaser said, “Supporting the seniors, that’s my passion.” She urges everyone to reach out to residents in their neighborhood by asking, “Who do we know who could use a little extra attention?”

The Halloween bag contained a hand-written card, candy and cookies.

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