LETTER: LAPD Officer John “Rusty” Redican Checks in

Officer John “Rusty” Redican has worked in Pacific Palisades for five and half years.


(Editor’s note: Many Pacific Palisades residents learned that Officer Brian Espin had received the Senior Lead Officer position, here, and wondered about long-time LAPD Officer Redican, who also interviewed for the position. Circling the News reached out to Redican.)

“I would like to start off by saying that my LAPD partner Jimmy Soliman and I, hold the Palisades Community in the highest possible regard,” Redican wrote. “What we’ve accomplished in five and half years has been an amazing and successful effort. It has been one of the most personally rewarding efforts to help people, that I’ve been fortunate enough to be a part of as a Police Officer and as a US Marine.”

Regarding the decision to give the position to another officer, Redican wrote, “My family and I are not only disappointed, like many Palisades citizens and many of my fellow officers. The sacrifices my family has made just in this past five and half years have been more than they should have had to make.

Redican said that he only knows how to go into a job 100 percent. “But like one should always do, I will eventually shake this very public slight off, and apply my abilities, focus and bonafides to something else,” he said.

“It is unknown yet, whether I will stay in the Palisades as I’m getting quite a few offers. But again, I will always love the Palisades for what we were able to come together and accomplish,” Redican said. “Many people are far better off due to that teamwork. Whether I stay or go…. I hope that the PPTFH (Pacific Palisades Task Force on Homelessness) will continue to get your support. They make a difference and have saved lives!”


Rusty Redican”


Rusty also told CTN that he knows the Palisades will continue to support whoever is in the SLO position and noted “The Palisades should hold that person to the same standard that they’ve come to know. Pacific Palisades deserves no less.”

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3 Responses to LETTER: LAPD Officer John “Rusty” Redican Checks in

  1. Rusty is one-of-a-kind. Anyone could learn a lot from him!

  2. Murat Sehidoglu says:

    It is sad that Captain Tom is stone deaf to the the community’s preferences and requests. They talk about community policing but the hypocrisy and rather lip service has proved to be the case once again.
    I am not sure there was a community that was so solidly behind an officer as much as Palisades was for Rusty
    Chief Moore wake up and ask your Captains to raise above internal politics if you want solid support for LAPD

  3. Dei Lana says:

    I think the people should get to elect the SLO for their community, because the police are supposed to “protect and serve” the people. It is a travesty for the people to be ignored!

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