Letter: Come Visit: Let’s Talk Books and Life

Connie Goetz

I was missing something, and suddenly I realized what:  the pleasure and comfort of being among books again!  Old friends!  When I visited Jeff’s shop, Collections Antiques and BOOKS, for the first time in December, I felt like I was home.

Oh, my dear old friends, I remember you fondly!

And the fact that right here in Pacific Palisades we have this magic place again (bow to Village Books and Katie), a place we can meet and talk and revel over books we have loved and those we have not understood and learn and appreciate the written word is just beyond wonderful!

When we see old friends, be they people or books, we feel happy.  That is why I am back  (Thursdays noon til 6) This is where I belong.

I so enjoyed Shrines of Gaiety and Demon Copperhead. Stop by and we’ll talk!

Connie Goetz






(Editor’s note: Pacific Palisades sole bookstore, Collections, Antiques and Books, is located at 15326 Antioch Street. Call (310)459-9692. Owner Jeff Ridgway has a wide selection of books, including Pacific Palisades history books, as well as other delightful curios.)

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2 Responses to Letter: Come Visit: Let’s Talk Books and Life

  1. Jill says:

    When I have been to the farmer’s market I have seen signs at the entrances that say no dogs allowed inside between the booths that face one another. I believe dogs are allowed on the perimeter. Unfortunately, people ignore the signs. And they don’t pick up after their dogs either. Very disrespectful.

  2. Mary Reddington says:

    Con Con!!! How fabulous to be back with your books!!! I am so happy you get to come back to your favorite place. You deserve it!!!! lv Mare

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