L.A. County Parks and Recreation Wants Your Input, Again

The proposed location for the Palisades Dog Park would be along Temescal Canyon Road.
Pacific Palisades residents have the chance to weigh in “again.”


The L.A. County Department of Parks and Recreation is inviting residents to an online workshop at 6 p.m. on Wednesday, August 18. The Zoom meeting will give participants the opportunity to   “provide input to help inform future planning and funding to address regional and rural park and recreation needs.” (Visit: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/regional-and-rural-park-needs-workshop-westside-tickets-165363453541)

 According to a February 2021 statement from the County, Measure A, which passed in 2016, is generating about $95 million every year. To date, Parks and Rec has allocated $208.8 million to cities and park development agencies.

This editor attended a December 2015 meeting at the Barrington Recreation Center, where residents representing Crestwood, Pacific Palisades, Brentwood, Hollywood Hills and Brentwood parks were asked to provide feedback.

Mike Harrison, then the principal recreation superintendent of Valley Region/West & Shoreline Districts, said: “The County poured through statistics of what park amenities exist and identified some potential projects.

“From these workshops we want to learn about the assets, what you feel is important,” Harrison said. “This is not a commitment to fund or a commitment that these projects will happen.

“The purpose is to identify projects and tell the county what direction to go; what park improvements are needed; and what special projects might be sought.”

Voting choices included: 1) a dog park; 2) fitness zone; 3) skate park; 4) soccer field; 5) splash pad; 6) repair the infrastructure at the Palisades Recreation Center; 7) repair Palisades Rec Center gym and facility; 8) repair Asilomar Park; 9) repair and restore Rustic Canyon Center; 10) repair the playground at Rustic Canyon Park; and 11) repair picnic shelters at Temescal Canyon Park.

At the request of those present, another project was added that asked the County to consider a pedestrian bridge over Pacific Coast Highway between Potrero Canyon Park and Will Rogers State Beach.

At that meeting, the projects that received the most votes were a dog park, a soccer facility, a Potrero bridge and repairing the Palisades Recreation Center. Residents were told that after the City assembled the results, the County would look at the recommendations and on May 16 (2016) would announce decisions based on that input.

“The results of the assessment may be used by L.A. City in the future,” said Harrison, who was asked how often the City does an assessment. “The City likes to do it on an informal basis all the time, but this is a more formal process.”

Prop A money is still available for projects that were listed as top priority, but Circling the News never heard what happened to those survey results. On August 7 we asked County media contact Katie Martel what had happened to residents’ previous requests — and does this mean the County is starting over “from scratch?”

If she responds we’ll update the story.

(Visit: https://parks.lacounty.gov/news-rposd-021621/

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