Fire at Chautauqua Extinguished; Transient Arrested

A transient used the wood from lattice found at the garden store at the corner of PCH and Chautauqua Boulevard to start a Sunday morning fire in a Very High Fire Hazard Severity Zone.

A fire was set near a “Restricted Entry” Very High Fire Hazard Severity Zone at the corner of Chautauqua and PCH this morning around 9:45 a.m.

According to people on the scene, L.A. County Sheriffs were on their way to a beach detail at Will Rogers State Beach when they observed an LAPD helicopter overhead and smoke rising from the brush along PCH.

Observers said, “The sheriffs immediately ran behind the block wall. A female was running towards them with her hand behind her back. The woman, who was determined to be a transient, was uncooperative and was taken into custody.”

During that process, it was discovered she had a meth pipe in the hand that was hidden behind her back. After she had been taken into custody, LAPD also responded.

Pacific Palisades Task Force on Homelessness co-president Sharon Kilbride wrote Circling the News that “there was a fire today on the lower Corona del Mar bluffs behind the wall behind the nursery.” She noted that volunteers have asked the nursery not to leave wooden lattice behind the walls because “the scraps make it easy to set a fire.”

Plants were burned on the land below Corona del Mar. The fire was put out before it could climb the hillside.

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