FINALLY. June 7 Election Will Be Certified July 5

Seven of the eight candidates for Council District 11 participated in the forum held by Westside Current and Circling the News in April.

Those who stayed up late on June 7 to see the final election tally for the California State primaries were disappointed because the results trickled out over the next month.

Now, the L.A. County Board of Supervisors will declare the election officially concluded on July 5.

As late as June 29, there were still 6,491 votes that had to be processed.

Those outstanding ballots, most of which were vote-by-mail ballots (VBM), were still going through a verification process or “pending signature curing.”

Signature curing is a process in which the registrar identifies VBM ballots with signature problems and sends letters to voters to let them know they have to “cure” those problems.”

Of the 6,491 outstanding votes all but 11, were VBM, and all were waiting for “curing” before they could be counted.

On Friday July 1, L.A. County Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk confirmed that 1,619,797 or 28.46 percent of L.A. County residents had voted in the primary.

For the Mayor’s race, Karen Bass had 278,511 votes to Rick Caruso’s 232,490 votes (43 percent to 36 percent).

The City Attorney Race shows Faisal Gill in the lead with 137,554 votes (24.23 percent), Hydee Feldstein Soto and Marina Torres were second and third with 112,978 and 112, 842 votes – a 136 vote difference.

The L.A. City Controller position, which oversees the City’s monies, will pit progressive Kenneth Mejia with 240,374 votes (and 43 percent) against termed-out Councilmember Paul Koretz 131,921 votes (and 23.67 percent).

In the 11th Council District, where Councilman Mike Bonin said he was not running again because he needed to work on his mental health, candidates Erin Darling and Traci Park will square off. Darling had 34.67 percent of the vote (22,939) to Traci Park ‘s 28.97 percent (19,168). Pacific Palisades resident Allison Holdorff Polhill was fourth with 8.77 percent (5,805).

In the L.A. County Supervisor race to replace Sheila Kuehl, who is retiring, Bob Hertzberg captured 31 percent with 105,923 votes, Lindsey Horvath had 27.72 percent and 94,528 votes and Stern had 24.31 percent and 82,852 votes. Hertzberg and Horvath will face off in November.

In the L.A. County Sheriff’s race, Alex Villanueva had 30.66 percent of the vote with 454,556, and Robert Luna had 25.85 percent with 383,181 votes. Eric Strong was third with 232,274 votes or 15.67 percent.

LAUSD School Board member Nick Melvoin held his seat with 59.81 percent of the vote (82,696). His closest opponent was Tracey Schroeder with 26 percent of the vote (36,377).

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  1. Scott Dahlberg says:

    Thanks update. Looks like LA is headed for the same old political structure that has brought us the current mess.

    Have a great 4th of July.

    Scott Dahlberg

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