Fear Grips Palisades over Rumored Store Closure

The See’s Candy store in Palisades Village has been busy because of rumors that it was closing.

Pacific Palisades residents have been reading about numerous business closures these past few months. First it was the Sew Chateau, which closed last month, and then Amazon bookstore, which closed on March 19. The Puzzle Zoo was told its lease won’t be renewed, and just this past week we learned that the town’s only Chinese restaurant, Cathay Palisades, must move out in June.

Then the rumor started that See’s Candy in Caruso’s Palisades Village is going to close.

The pure horror of not having a local candy store sent this editor to investigate in person. As one person wrote on Nextdoor Palisades, “NOOO, say this is not happening. See’s is one of the best things of this Carusoville.”

Another person wrote, “I heard that See’s Candies is leaving the Palisades location soon, and a high-end clothing store is moving in.”

I asked the See’s manager about the rumor and she said, “The phone has been ringing off the hook, with people asking if we are closing.” She said that people had been flocking to the store to ask – and of course receiving the customary free candy sample.

As far as she knows, the store is not closing, “and since I’m the manager, you’d think someone would tell me.”

She said it seems that she’s “repeated myself about 1,000 times” to all those people checking out the rumor. The manager also said that Caruso generally has a See’s Candy in all of his centers, so she “highly doubts” this one is closing.

If Pacific Palisades residents want to help this charming little candy outlet, there are all sorts of Easter baskets and spring baskets available for sale. It would be a great idea to keep this story busy, even when it’s not threatened with “fake” closure.

This editor suggests that when you visit, try the dark chocolate-covered peanut brittle, or the truffles or the peppermints.

CTN left contact information, and the manager said she’d call me if anything changes or she’s “looking for work, all of a sudden.”

See’s Candy store is selling Easter baskets.

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3 Responses to Fear Grips Palisades over Rumored Store Closure

  1. Joan G says:

    I think CTN should email the story they did on Cathay Palisades to KTLA channel 5 to see if they would do a story on it.

  2. Murray Levy says:

    Mr. Caruso in tonight’s Mayor’s debate repeatedly emphasized the importance of small business in Los Angeles and spoke of how he would, as Mayor, help them to succeed. Maybe he could offer David, the proprietor of Cathay Palisades, an affordable 5 year lease in the Palisades Village. That would certainly demonstrate his commitment to small businesses.

  3. Kathleen Jensen says:

    When Puzzle Zoo moves out, has the owner(Methodist Church) said who will be taking the space? Doing build out for a restaurant is much different than retail. So it looks like David’s options for Cathay Palisades are limited…Unless, what if he agrees to spruce up his establishment with new booths, tables & outdoor signage that works for Topa Bldg Management’s idea of what Antioch storefronts should look like? Or how about a small to-go space like a food truck? A Cathay Palisades food truck would be a hit!

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