Estate Coffee on Via a Great Hangout

When you walk into Estate coffee on Via, you’re often greeted by Tracy Mestres (BakeSale Palisades), co-founder Jacob Spooner and chef Tara Amiel.

Estate Coffee Provides Great Food/Drinks

When Estate Coffee opened its doors at 847 Via de la Paz on May 19, it instantly became a comfortable hangout for locals, quietly removed from Sunset traffic and noise.

The Via 800 block, which includes the YMCA, Rodeo Realty, City National Bank, Keller Williams, the Palisades Veterinary Center and other businesses, has longed needed an eatery/coffee shop. (Prior to Estate, this was the site of All-Pro Health Foods for many decades.)

Since Estate’s opening, more and more people are discovering its quality food and beverage selections as well as its low-key appeal as a place to meet friends and have meetings out on the patio.

On November 1, Caruso’s Senior VP of Development Rick Lemmo and Rony Shram, developer of the proposed Highlands eldercare facility and a board member of the Chamber of Commerce, were enjoying a quiet conversation, near the free lemon-infused water dispenser.

Estate owner and co-founder Rick Cunningham, who is one of the largest franchise owners of Keller Williams in Los Angeles (an office is located above the coffee shop), noticed a void of places to eat or conduct a business meeting, such as he has in most of the areas where he has his businesses. “I decided to fill the void by investing in a concept that will be a meeting point for everyone in the real estate offices,” he told Circling the News.

The little eatery, across from Palisades Elementary, has exceptional coffee drinks (all coffee is from countries along the equator). Prices are generally less than other establishments around town and you can earn drinks by spending a certain amount of money.

I have become a fan of the lavender latte, but any coffee drink is good—and strong.

Breakfast choices include an Estate scramble (white cheddar, applewood smoked Fra’mani ham, heirloom tomatoes and Haas avocados), avocado toast with a fried egg, Estate breakfast sandwich (egg over roasted tomato salad, braised greens, cheddar cheese on ciabatta bread with basil chili oil), polenta grain bowl, an almond granola parfait (with organic Strauss yogurt and house made almond granola), as well as a wide selections of freshly baked items such as chocolate croissants, cinnamon rolls and baguettes. The breakfasts range in price from $6 for the yogurt to $9 for the scramble and the portions are large.

The cookies, cakes and scones are baked locally by resident Tracy Mestres (BakeSale Palisades) and the breads come from The Bread Lounge located in the downtown Art District.

A friend ordered two eggs (“over easy”) and toast and paid just $5. “This is the cheapest place in town to get two eggs like this,” he noted.

Co-founder Jacob Spooner, the director of retail operations, told CTN, “We want to be a coffee shop that can fulfill multiple needs and bridge gaps in areas that are lacking a local food and drink area.”

Palisadian Tara Amiel, who attended Le Cordon Bleu London Culinary School and is the café manager, uses fresh produce from LA Specialty of Santa Ana.

For lunch, try the vegetable grain bowl (green beans, peas, radish, roasted beets, quinoa and farro) or brussels sprouts and kale salad (apple, currents and parmesan) or the chicken salad sandwich or the vegetable pasta salad (varies daily).  All are under $10. Estate also offers off-menu favorites, such as ham and brie toast ($6) and caprese mini sandwich ($6).

If there’s one lament, it would be that I do not want others to discover this popular little nook, because on some mornings, it’s hard to find a table.

Nevertheless, tasty food and coffee, a friendly staff and reasonable prices all make this an eatery locals should support.

The exterior of Estate Coffee, located on Via de la Paz, is a pleasant spot to meet.

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  1. Chris Casady says:

    Glad to know about this place. I would have missed it.

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