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Last year, before the redo of the Pacific Palisades Chamber of Commerce, the board supported the trash pickup and the Holiday Ho!Ho!Ho!

Questions for the Chamber Board

After reading two articles about the Pacific Palisades Chamber of Commerce, one that explained why the Chamber is no longer planning to help with trash pick-up from various areas of the Palisades village and a second about discontinuing the Holiday Ho!Ho!Ho!, a 60-year tradition, readers of Circling the News have asked two questions:

  1. Whose responsibility is it to pick up the trash from city streets and sidewalks? Technically, the City of Los Angeles is supposed to empty the public trash bins once a week. Arnie Wishnick, the Chamber’s former executive director, realized many year ago that the City’s trash collection wasn’t often enough and helped launch a yearly campaign to raise money to keep the business district streets clean (by hiring Chrysalis workers). The streets, sidewalks and gutters are more inviting for business if customers don’t have to walk past trash. Caruso’s Palisades Village hires its own personnel to keep the center free of trash.
  2. Why would the Chamber board do away with the long-time holiday tradition, where Santa sat and greeted hundreds of kids (for free)? That would be a question to ask the board. If one calls the Chamber office at (310) 459-7963, you can ask for the individual numbers or emails of the current board members.

1) Chair Susan Payne (RE/Max Realty)

2) Vice Chair Richard Blumenberg (RLB Architecture, Civic League member and Community Council representative)

3) Past Chair Adam Glazer (Liberty Mutual Insurance)

4) Special VP of Realignment Rick Lemmo (a Senior VP at Caruso, member of BID and the Chamber’s Community Council representative)

5) Secretary Sarah Knauer (Amalfi)

6) Treasurer Sam Lagana (Pepperdine)

7) Reza Akef (Metro Capital Builders and Community Council representative)

8) Rony Shram (Palisades Drive, LLC)

9) Nicole Howard (Pacific Union)

10) Peter Garland (Porta Via)

11) Marissa Hermer (The Draycott)

12) Rena Alekperova (Banc of California)

13) Ramis Sadrieh (Technology4You!)

14) Fay Vahdani (Luxe Home Care)

15) Denise Mangimelli (BOCA)

16) Maria Elena Tapia (Dentistry by Design)


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  1. Gretchen Arnold says:

    Good questions… can’t believe the chamber doesn’t see the above long standing policies aren’t part of good business promotion …

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