Edo Little Bites Serves Tasty Food

One of my favorite places for lunch in Caruso’s Palisades Village is edo little bites.

Created by Chef Edoardo Baldi of e. baldi Ristorante  and edo italian baretto in Beverly Hills, along with Giorgio Baldi in Santa Monica Canyon, the food is routinely flavorful and priced well for the quality.

Edo continues to do an active take-out business during the Covid-19 shutdown, so this is good time to sample their food before the lines return. Delivery is available via DoorDash, or by in-person or curbside pickup.

The last time we ate at edo little bites, the three of us split the sweet corn baked ravioli ($13.95), which was quite tasty; a beef filet salad ($16.95) and the burrata, truffle oil pizzette ($12). Unfortunately, there was nothing left to take home because we couldn’t stop eating.

Edo little bites serves breakfast all day and that includes bomboloni, almond brioche, granola with mixed berries ($9), avocado toast ($12) and poached egg Lyon ($14.95) with turkey bacon, frisee, micro parsley and croutons.

The wide variety of sandwiches include vegetarian options such as the grilled vegetable with burrata ($12), pesto focaccia and the grilled three cheese ($13.50) with sun-dried tomato, pesto on pain rustic.

One especially interesting sandwich is the minced tuna and black olive cream ($14.95), which includes lemon aioli, cheddar and jack cheese on pain rustique. I’ve had the grilled chicken ($14.95), with the arugula, tomato, salsa verde and smoked mozzarella making for a lovely combination.

The real problem with edo little bites is that their desserts are all superb. Even if you’re trying to cut back, they look (and taste so good), you end up ordering one, then two, then three, supposedly to split. The chocolate cake ($9) is made without flour – decadent is the perfect word to describe it. Torta della nonna ($9), which has a double-layered crust, pastry cream, chocolate and pine nuts, started as a share dessert until I ate it all. Oh, well. Mangia! Mangia!

(Visit: edolittlebites.com or call 424-581-6515).

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  1. Viana Lake says:

    Very sorry…totally off-topic…
    Is the new development really called “Caruso’s Palisades Village” or are people just calling it that? As vainglorious as the man may be, I’m not sure he actually named the thing after himself. Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe I just don’t like the guy. I dunno. Seems like “Palisades Village” should suffice.
    Totally on-topic…Edo Little Bites is really great! One of the best in town!

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