Construction Update on Caruso’s Village


Caruso Construction to Go 24/7

A resident has asked Circling the News, “I spoke to two construction workers who told me that construction [on Swarthmore and Monument] would now go forward 24 hours a day, seven days a week until Caruso’s Village opens on September 22.” And then asked, “Can they do that?”

We tried to help clarify the situation by reaching out to L.A. Department of Building and Safety.

“No, LADBS does not issue permits to work on Sunday or after hours,” said Jeff Napier, its public information officer. He included the following link (

Napier added, “Working hours and noise enforcement are handled by LAPD Noise Enforcement Division. If there was a special permit, they would be the issuing agency.”

Another resident spoke to the police officer who was involved in issuing the permit (August 23) and reported, “There is a very specific ‘Scope of Work’ that they are allowed outside of the designated construction hours. It includes internal painting, remodeling, laying pavers, planting, and other ‘Quiet’ jobs. There is NO demolition, jack-hammering or work that generates ‘noise’ like drilling, saws, NOTHING noisy after 9 p.m. and before 7 a.m. [on weekdays].”

The resident was told that if there is a noise issue and the police are called, the police should ask for the permit and review the “Scope of Work,” which outlines what can and cannot be done. The Noise Enforcement number is (213) 966-1250.

Caruso has been working with its neighbors on Monument, paying for nights (and meals) in hotels and sending gift baskets for the inconvenience. Unfortunately, it has been reported that the condominium owners whose property is adjacent to Palisades Village have not received the same courtesy.

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