Construction on Potrero Canyon Park Slated to Start

Portrero Canyon Grading to Resume

Grading will resume on the 40-acre park that is located below the Palisades Recreation Center.

This could be the home stretch for Potrero Canyon Park, the public park that will stretch from below the Palisades Recreation Center down to Pacific Coast Highway.

The final grading of the 40-acre park is slated to start at “anytime” and will take about 14 months, according to City staff. The latest estimate for the park’s opening is 2020.

The grading project was put out to bid by the L.A. City Department of Public Works, Bureau of Engineering on April 18 with a projected cost of $14,792,412 and closed about a month later.

There were three bids: Los Angeles Engineering, Inc. bid $14,137,117; OHL USA INC bid $13,526,579; and Sukut Construction, Inc. bid $13,777,777.

On June 20, L.A. Rec and Park board approved OHL, who will perform the following duties: 1. Clearing and grubbing; 2. Demolition and disposal of existing concrete access road; 3. Grading – cut and fill from existing stockpiles; including buttressing of over-steepened slopes, compaction of all fill, and on-site hauling; 4. Construction of wet riparian zone through the center of the canyon; including impermeable liner, check dams, and rip rap facing; 5. Construction of soil cement access road;  6. Erosion control / SWPPP implementation; 7. Construction of terrace drains, down drains, and related drainage systems; 8. Construction of a 6” PVC force main to supply water for riparian zone; 9. Construction of approximately 2,000-linear feet of 12” to 24” storm drain line; 10. Construction of a concrete stairway; 11. Extending maintenance shafts to proposed grade; and 12. Construction of two (2) storm drain maintenance holes.

The City will pay for this work through a fund that has been established through the sale of City-owned residential properties along the rim of Potrero Canyon.

Once OHL finishes the final grading, landscaping will start. Those bids will go out in November, according to Recreation and Parks General Manager Michael Schull, who attended the Palisades Park Advisory Board meeting on September 5.

Longtime resident David Card, who was a member of the Potrero Canyon advisory committee and has been following the process for decades, said his understanding was that the contract will be awarded in January or February of 2019.

A 2008 Sparkplug winner (for leading the Rotary Club’s beautification project at the corner of Temescal Canyon Road and Pacific Coast Highway), Card has argued for larger trees than those that have been listed in the bid specifications. Of the 516 trees planned, 445 of them will be in tiny one-gallon containers; 31 will be in two-foot boxes and only 40 will be in 15-gallon containers.

Card, who completed a landscape design certification program at UCLA in 2003, notes that to get trees established, it takes several years of watering and, although there will be a temporary irrigation system in the canyon, he hopes this will be enough to get such small trees established.

Since parking is illegal along Pacific Coast Highway, and there’s limited parking at the Rec Center, a pedestrian/bike bridge across PCH has been suggested. This would allow the Will Rogers parking lot to provide additional parking. Money will be needed for a crossing structure.



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  1. Betty Meadows says:

    Construction trailers have been installed behind the lower tennis courts.

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