311 Will Work: Here Are Some Tips

A CTN reader sent the photo of this tripping hazard by a bus stop. After hearing about 311 issues, CTN tried the 311 process on July 14.

A reader wrote that they had called 311 because a large truck parked on Palisades Drive was blocking the view for people pulling out of a driveway.

Initially, the reader tried the landline, and was directed to a Santa Monica operator.  Next, the resident tried a cell phone and after waiting for 20 minutes, a 311 operator responded, and then asked if the ZIP Code was 90272. When the resident confirmed the zip, the operator told her the City didn’t cover that zip.

Circling the News contacted Councilman Mike Bonin’s office, and Isabella Dennis, the new Brentwood and Pacific Palisades Field Deputy, responded. “I am sorry you were having issues with 311 and were told that your address isn’t covered, that is simply untrue,” Dennis said. “Your address is within the City of Los Angeles.”

Dennis suggested using the website or downloading the 311 app. She also told the reader that she would contact the Department of Transportation about having the vehicle towed.

Former Field Deputy, and now District Director, Noah Fleishman told CTN in a July 11 email that “Sometimes, when constituents call 311, especially if they’re calling right near the Santa Monica/Los Angeles boarder in the Santa Monica Canyon neighborhood of Pacific Palisades, they sometimes get routed by the cell towers to Santa Monica 311, not the Los Angeles 311.

“Los Angeles 311 can always be reached at (213) 473-3231,” he said. “The resident who contacted you may have been connected to a non-Los Angeles City 311 operator if they made the call outside of the City of Los Angeles boarder or very close to it. The resident can always provide feedback by emailing  311@lacity.org.

Fleishman said, “I always advise people who have a smart phone or computer to submit 311 requests via the app or website because it gives the opportunity to submit photos and detailed location information. The website and apps can be found HERE.

He shared a presentation with CTN about 311 that he had made to the Brentwood Community Council in March.

Ways to submit a MyLA311 request:

  1. Online at www.lacity.org/myla311
  2. Mobile phone application for Apple or Android
  3. A YouTube video tutorial for using the MyLA311 phone app is available HERE.
  4. Call 311 when inside the City of Los Angeles or call (213) 473-3231 from outside the City.

Available service requests:

  1. A searchable list of over 1,000 City services is available at click here.

MyLA311 Frequently Asked Questions

  1. To get answers to some frequently asked questions about MyLA311, click here.


A CTN reader had sent a photo of a tripping hazard by the bus stop at the 76 Station on Sunset. CTN went to the website and filed a service request and received a number 1-2403262701. It was an easy process. We will keep you updated about any progress with the 311 request.

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  1. Eileen says:

    Such valuable information! Thank you so much. I just downloaded the app from the app store

  2. Nancy Jorgensborg says:

    Thank you CTN for your tireless work on behalf of Palisades residents.

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