Temescal Canyon Road Will Be Repaved, Nov. 5, 6, 12, 13

Potholes were common on Temescal Canyon Road last winter.

Department of Street Services is giving notice to all Pacific Palisades residents that Temescal Canyon Road from Sunset Boulevard to Pacific Coast Highway will be paved over two weekends.

Residents are advised to take notice. This is one of three roads in and out of Pacific Palisades and heavy traffic could be possible.

Councilman Mike Bonin’s Deputy Director Noah Fleishman wrote: “Temescal Canyon Rd. requires repair as the segment from PCH to Bowdoin St. was last repaved in April 2003 and the segment from Bowdoin St. to Sunset was last repaved in August 1990. StreetsLA determined the street has a “poor” Pavement Condition Index (PCI) score and requires reconstruction to prevent a failure in the future.”

Fleishman added, “Please communicate this to your circle of connections that may be impacted by this street closure.”

According to L.A. Bureau of Street Services, the first phase of the operation will require preparation of the existing roadway by cold milling the streets on Saturday, November 5, and Saturday November 12.

Repaving and resurfacing of the street will occur on Sunday, November 6, and Sunday, November 13.

“Temporary No Parking Signs” will be posted on the street at least 24 hours before the actual work begins to provide notice to residents and business owners.

Residents are asked to have all vehicles removed from the street to protect them from damage by construction debris and to prevent interference with the planned work. When work is not in progress between the preparation and resurfacing phases the signs will be reversed to allow for vehicular parking.

Vehicles will have access to the street during the cold milling of the project. However, it is requested that driving be limited within the project area to avoid possible damage to one’s vehicle.

Access will be restricted when the street is coated with liquid asphalt, prior to the resurfacing.

When the crews are working, there will be construction equipment and trucks in the area: this equipment may be of interest to children. Remind residents to be careful and ask children to avoid the equipment and work-site area.

Residents are asked to be patient during this project and to plan ahead. Persons with mobility impediments and their caregivers can request assistance if the scheduled street work limits their use (including ingress or egress) of the public right of way. If you have questions or need to request an accommodation, contact the supervisor on the project site or call (818) 756-8651 or (213) 847-3200.

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3 Responses to Temescal Canyon Road Will Be Repaved, Nov. 5, 6, 12, 13

  1. Phil Bartolf says:

    Does anyone know what the hours of work are? How long will the traffic be affected on each day? From 7am to 5pm? Different times? Love to know. Thanks!

  2. Sue says:


    I think there are numbers to call on the bottom–they might have a better idea. I would also contact Noah Fleishman (in Mike Bonin’s office) and explain that Theatre Palisades has shows on Saturday nights and Sunday afternoon.


  3. Frances Tibbits says:

    This is a belated comment on an issue that arose during the resurfacing and restriping of Temescal Canyon Road.
    During the restriping, my car was splashed by the yellow paint used by the contractor. The road was very rough below Bowdoin and paint was apparently pooled in one of the potholes.
    The paint was very tough and impossible to remove by ordinary washing. Estimates on removal were wildly divergent in cost and time required. Amazingly, Palisades Car Wash staff at 890 Alma Real was able to remove the paint in a detailing operation that took about two hours, and cost $300. A real bargain.
    I emailed Councilwoman Park’s office twice (first on March 14) to ask who I could apply to for reimbursement. There was no response to either request.
    I wonder if others reported damage, and who would be responsible. The potholes were there for a long time. Restriping happened twice with long gaps between while the road was a mess.

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